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Full text of "Wilmington High School Senior Class Yearbook"

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The Hourglass 




1 n 



i If 

Wilmington Public Library 

fci'ls' ' MtAj! 

Ml I A' 


I 1 







■ I 

WILMi ' 


■ k 

V ;. 


gh School 


1 59 Church Street 

Wilmington, Massachusetts 


S\ Message from Mr. yvoods 

I sincerely wish each and every one of you every one of you a future filled with success and happiness. Four years 
doesn't seem like a long time now that you are looking back on you years at WHS. You probably have some very vivid 
memories of some of your days here as freshman. Now that those days are over and you have journeyed through your 
sophomore, junior and senior years, I would like to ask that you reflect on that journey and try to focus on the good times, 
the positive experiences, and, most of all, all those who helped you through your four years. I hope that each of you has 
reached a sense of completeness as this chapter of our life ends. I hope that you will take with you the wisdom to deal with 
adversity and conviction to follow you dreams. 

I also will be ending my career in education as you graduate. I have worked with the Wilmington Public Schools for the 
past 35 years and as I, too, leave WHS, I reflect on all of the wonderful people that I have met in my long journey toward 
this day. I am very happy to have come to know you all. 

Each of you has made a valuable contricution to WHS. Whether your strengths are in acedemics, athletics, art, music or, 
drama, what matters most is that you arrived here every day with a positive attitude and a pleasant and courteous manner. 
That is what you will be most remembered for. 

Now is the time for all of us to continue our journey beyond Wilmington High School. I wish you well. May every 
experience you have teach you and guide you through your life and help you to fulfill your dreams. Remember to always: 

- Give big 

- Take less 

- Act fair 

- Think loud 

- Sing strong 

- Plan bold 

- Dream far 












jH . 





L *^~ 

- I 

Teachers help us decide our fate, not only by the grades they give and the transcript we present, but 
through the way they convey their knowledge to us, their students. Without their intelligence and 
leadership, the students of Wilmington High School would not be as capable as they are today. Yet with 
every great teacher comes a difficult goodbye, and Wilmington will be saying some very difficult 
farewells this year. That is why, with our deepest thanks, we dedicate the 2004 Hourglass to the following 

Mrs. Frances Boudreau 
Mr. Mathew Joyce 
Mr. Robert Cripps 
Mr. Edward Woods 

'The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demon- 
strates. The great teacher inspires." - William Arthur Ward 
Thank you for inspiring us all! 

Table of Contents 

Dedication 3 

Seniors 5 

Superlatives 59 

Sports 81 

Clubs 99 

Washington 108 

Baby Pictures 110 

Underclassmen 113 

Faculty. 131 

Mom & Dad thanks for everything love you. Kyle my brother and my best friend 
love you much. Kelli, Cace, Janelle, Lisa, Maria- my partners in crime thanks 
for the memories love you ladies. Can you smell the Aruba air? All my other 
girls love ya too could never forget you. Hockey chicks, Joe and Kenny- ya 
moms love you so much. Never forget: Halloween 03 ' , Proms, Parties, Bowling 
(CS. KS), RT 1 always a trip right Cace? Watermelon love poor princess, Hiltz 
cellar, Boston w/ the mullet man, Vision & chocolate, the apartment, M.Vineyard, 
Shower club, ALL the momma tired nights, stealing reflectors, the caddy& 
betty, New years 01, Kostas Crew, the promise, frosh year, Summer 03', FLA 
00', Salem, One ways, Speed dial 9, Cards w/ the boys, Brushs moms car, 5:33 
am. big cup, Offense. Too bad I forgot my phone right Kel? 

To Thank: Mom Dad Dave+Fam Coach P, Susan, All my friends, Don't wanna 
leave ne 1 out so none of you are in here Lis, luv ya, don' t know what Id do without 
you. To RemembenHappyShackCrew, RIP good times, nothing will top youguys 
,cant break us up, Parties @ Murphs, My House, Hiltzs, Wes' Mitzens Leos Coxs 
and J anal s. Stuffies, KofC crew, Happy Shack Roadtrip 2 Maine, murph being 
late,WWMD, Silvas trunk, JR & SR Prom, after prom parties, nuggets, 151, 
newyears, 10/25/03 Costume bash, BIGs, all the other times. Wrestling 1234 To 
Forget: Bad Teachers, school hours. And I hope I see everyone after graduation. 
Good stuff 

Our time is up. High School was both the best of times and the worst of times. 
There was the double study, the tennis practices, and the fun times but then came 
the cramming for tests, the tough double periods, and of course the homework and 
project procrastination. But we made it. It is time to move on to bigger things now 
and leave this high school era behind. To all my friends, thanks for being here to 
survive with me and make it the best time possible. D' Angeli thanks for the shaved 
eyebrow laugh, BK for helping me cram and the times in Carroll's class, Andy for 
being blasphemous, Stark and Del Rossi for the great times in Math class, Caira for 
the sports talk and laughs, Ng and Chalmers for the rotation mechanism. Willie for 
iching me all the pimp moves. Due for his sweet MR2 mov 

Remember: Mom, Dad, Danielle, Katie, Julie, Mike, Family, Alex, Kara, DPers, 
My girls THE RACK Rachel, Charlene, and Katie! Kat no regrets. Kelly thanks for 
the rides! Thanks Dee Dee, Karyn, Ashley, Renee, and Dev Dev for all you taught 
me at DP! Mike thanks for always being there don't know what I did to deserve you 
I love you! 

Memories: Dances, Prom, Summatime, Superstar, Slacker, Pointe Sebago, Back- 
yard fun, Roadtrips, Masspike, Highway-always seem to get lost. 1/19/03, Red 
rider, Golden Fart, Thunderbugs, Invading Lynn's locker, Flour Fight, Lucci's, B 
class, Anti buds, Blue and White day 03, Britney dance, Taco, Applebee's, NYC, 
Florida, Cape Cod, Driving Lessons, Eric's abuse, Sam ruining my mask, Tide is 
High, Cripples, Orange Team! 2004-it's about time! 

For those I love the most. . . . Michael, Leartne, Manda, Dee, Elle, Dre, DS, 
KJ, AB, Pat, JJ, BR, KB, MS, Jay and of course, Mo. Thank you. As for 
my high school experience, as it was said in American History X, if you 
can't say something better yourself, then steal it. 
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times"- Charles Dickens. 

That is all. 






Amanda Bell 

Michelle Bellavia 

Michelle Bell, Hersh 

Mom Dad Greg & Sprinkle thank you for always being there for me, I love 
you! Danielle my scrap booking buddy, thank you for ALWAYS being there. 
I love you! Kaitlyn. tall short, MOM! Good times good times, I love you! 
Without the 2 of you I don"t know where I would be, never forget big bertha 
<3! Jenna. thanks for being there! Good luck. I love you! Andrea, thanks for 
always making me laugh, you always make the cool phone ring off the hook. 
I love you! Leanne, you were so ghetto, I love you! Kate, Amanda, Brianna 
you are all so important to me I love you all ! p2p you have taught me so much, 
thank you. I love you all! We have had so many good times, you have all 
touched my life & helped me in so many ways, I can't put into words how much 
I love you all! Always remember and never forget, life is what YOU make of 

Mom.Dad.Lisa-thanks for the support. KK-BFFL, PS LG SF SP JL RS 
EP+everyone else 477, Eastie kids: JC-lil sis, MM BC JM RC SW JS, frosh 
Geometry, frosh fling D A/soph semi AP, Fishlips, DTD, SF-you motard!, football 
games, boys soccer cheerleader 03-04(#10.#ll, #15), wrasslin'(JMac),Bing+Mayo, 
Eastie invasions, YankeeGirl-harassment. Boston trips (Newbury+Ben), crazy 
summers. Dutchie. superfan, Savio Homecoming 02, "Boys are stupid,"' Powdapuff, 
HERSH, DatelessDuo, dances, Math Wkshp., McNeely's classes, senior prom, 
chew+screw, FGC. hooch nights, blow my whistle, KK+PS-"Heaven", FLtrips. 
ramen+LIFE parties. Maiden, Savio boys, MC boys, softball, NS-big sis. Vision 
w/ LG, "How you dum'?!", KD-won the bet, Revere Beach-honk+yell, "Hey 
Baby", pep rallies. JL-cousin-in-law, scandal!, "on a stick", good luck everyone! 

Sarah Bellefontaine 

Sarah B 

Andrew Berian 

Thanks to m\ family and everyone who has supported me. It's been an awesome 

time. Never forget: New Years Eves- uptown deli, D+D walks. Godzilla. RI trips, 

. beach house, sidekicks, 3musketeers (JS TS SB) Maine trip 

HAPPY SHACK CREW the best! Girls Ice Hockey chix. PrimeA (thnx Buck 

&TDG) Scurt Tech parties! KV) Mic Stylz. Laconia, snowboarding trips, holding 

hack hair, trailer home. Hiltz, Medford. beating up boys, Brushs car(JA). 

skinboarding, Petes house, res. bunji. Osama, night in Boston w/the girls-mullet 

man! Cheers Cheers heres to. NO regrets! Thanks to Jax we made it! We shared 

>meof the best/worst days but wouldn't trade it for anything or do it with anyone 

ou've been the best to me. Love u! Val u know I got ya luv u! Thnx to 

o has been in my life at some point, goodluck with everything you do, 

as Ta 1 It. 

Mom Dad & Taryn- thnx 4 everything *Lisa* #1 fan- soul sista: no words can 
describe- ur my lifelong friend *Peas + Carrots* My bestests: KV bff since 4 th grade 
luv u grl- GR dont no wat id do w/out u- KS/JA- crazy grls, Jilla- wish I knew u 
longer- LK JS SB IG CS KB MM KF Shack Boys: CM RL MA JG MB JS RH AM 
DL WW -Last yrs seniors* Hey 2 GI- neighbor, BL LZ JM LR-Mentos~ N/F: THE 
PROMISE, KostasKrew, HollaHolla Wamp- IG, LowellCrew, Badmonkey, Cou- 
gar, SpeedDial #9, Ignition, GetLow, MilkShake, Pennies, Hoodrat Hoochie 
Mama, Contests, The List, TWINS, ImaginationStation, Scars, Hiltzs, Leos, 7/10/ 
03-wat a nite, Costume Party, JRProm- w/ Matty, Deli King, Pididdle, BlitzAH, 
CardGames w/ DT/JC, Tuna, SneakinOut, Hampton, DesertSun, SCANDAL- 
OUS- *In the end its the few tru friends that matta the most* I love you all- 

High school has been an amazing experience for me. Thank you to my very best 
friends who have been with me every step of the way, through the good times and 
the bad. You girls know who you are, and you know that I love you. "Wherever you 
are, it is your friends who make your world." -William James Good luck to 
everyone next year, may your lives be filled with success, love, and happiness. 

Thank you mom, dad and Tim, I really couldn't have done it without you guys! 
My friends, you all know who you are, couldn't have don't it without all of 
you either. Cant forget the good times: homeless guy at BK, SYMS, Hooters 
and ski trips, bowlin nights, Scary Janitor (ooo Catholic School Girl), Improv 
Asylum with Brown, Judith Light, What Would You Do, beach trips, my Strings 
pals, K-Bec, HOBY, WLC and MassSTAR aka the cult, my Dunks crew, early 
mornings at Dunks and summer time at the State House (Lynna!), Proms and 
Homecomings, LOUIS (good times), Drama times, Salem, trips to Fanuiel 
Hall, going to B&N just to read magazines, the endless text messages "I'm 
thirsty", movie Saturdays with mostly stupid movies, football games, simards 
and other nights out to eat and all the other good times! Goodluck everyone! 

The last four years have been a time to remember. Shout out to the shack crew. You 
guys are the best. So many good times. I'll never forget the trip to Maine. Everyone 
else you know who you are. Good luck and keep in touch. 



m '■ 

To all of you who have stayed true and made high school so memorable, thank 
you<3. Mom, Dad, Scott- I can't thank you enough for your love+support. 
Caitlyn- My sister and best friend-you mean everything to me babe. Emily- 
Nothing means more to me than our friendship. No time or distance could 
ever change how close we are. So lucky to have found my*forever friend*. 
Charlie-You hold my best memories and happiest times*ily forever*. Ashley. 
Kara. Dolan-Unforgettable memories with you girls, my best friends always. 
Erin-<3you sis! PO.DD.JC-I love you boys. Field Hockey girls:LC.SS,KB,NL, 
AD *kfa* 
...I'll keep the memories with me forever, I love you all. Never forget : ) 

Hey Everyone. Remember all the good times we've had. The parties, the movies 
andjust hanging out together. We've all had lots of laughs together. My ugly green 
boa. I am your best friend and the ruler of your world! I'm so excited! I'm so 
confused! Making up words. "The past is the past and the future is the future". Stop 
getting hit in the head. Kate + chocolate = the eventual end of the world. Band camp 
(99-03), Disney (00), Ski Trips (00, 02, & 03). Those 2 crazy songs. Hanging out 
at our lockers every morning. Things to ponder: Will I finally have my license by 
the time the yearbook is published? Where's Jen?, do we really look that much 
alike?, and will some people ever figure out that she is my sister? Well kids, it's 
been a great 12 years, but now it's over. Much luck in the future for everyone. 

Kara Bruce 

Kristen Burns 


<3Mom Dad Derecho. Love You TONS! <3 Ash-face 3rdgrade WbbBfE! Nicole 
my Ml DoBle.VliNt. where would I be w/out U! Sil Verio LOTS of memories, thank 
you! ThidereM~> Defly IrrePlaCaBle! Such fun times! My JaQue! <3u ! SO much 
FUN! LC Ad DM Ed LP*yeahyeah DaviD<~Bff MUAH! luv u too much, MiJoeC 
thankU! JoeD FUN limes! DereK.u are AweSome! PM ,Sm,DD.Mh.BH.. 
Sea.\\<3u!! SUCH good MemoRies, Thank you for always being there! SoCCer 
w/DeViouS! -WorLd CuP- Frosh Bball just SO much fun! *FieLd HockeY <3u 
GuRlieS!..NevEr EndS*..and FOOTBALL! Wouldn't have been the same w/out 
, Thanks BoYS! PowDerPuFF- *MS CO*. Couldn't have asked for a better 4 
u. N Good Luck w/EverythiNg ...Live Your DreamS! 

Mom and Pops, thanks for everything you have given me. Kyle- I'm so lucky to 
have u as my brother<3 u all. My best gurls NL/SC/LM/LK/JB/MM/KC/GR/SB/ 
KV/KF + the rest, never would of done it w/o u's much love! The shack boys- 
always crazy times, ZM/BL/GI u guys are the best<3 u. LK- "Wildcat Territory", 
N/F driving and getting busted. Always remember: (FLA 00'SC/JA/KS), 5:33AM, 
All the rippas, Fires, Gettin caught, Jr/Sr proms. Hiltzs. The Bro's crew-crazy 
weekends, Lowell cru~holla wamp! Girls where did our 30 go?! Simons Park. 
Concerts. New Years Eves, Gurls nites. Late nite adventures, Billerica w/ Brush 
and gang-good time! Scavenger Hunt 03' ooops King St. Clubs, Summers, 
-Boston KV/SB/JB/JA/KS "Chix Dig the Mullet"-, Woodbriar-sketchy, The 
Neighborhood Cru. *Never forget any of you and our good times* 



Thanks to my friends: Buck, Chris, Dan, Lou, Ken, Doug, B.K., good luck to 
everyone next year. Thanks to my reachers: Mr. Cripps, Ms.Peters, Ms. Mette, 
Mrs. King, Mr. Fardy. Power to the Winter Track team and the Baseball team. 
Shot-putters for life. C.O.I. "Sweet Home Wilmington!" D.V., Robert calling me 
Hector, the Band and all our games, parades, camps, and trips, especially Disney. 
Sensei! Thanks to my family; Mom, Dad, Aldo, and Mark. Good Luck to the Red 
Sox, may you someday bring a championship back to Boston! A quote from the 
great Dave Matthews: " I will go in this way, and find my own way out," 
Congratulations Class of 2004, good luck to everyone in the future. 

Love you Mum, Dad and Jay. Annette Liane Casey Lauren M. Denise Love 
you Girls!! *BFF* Niko thanks for always being there <3 you- Jeffrey I 
couldn't ask for more! Thank you for everything. I'll love you always... 
Always remember: The Shed, Jimbos. B-Rads, Uptown (FBC and Nate Dizzle), 
Thanksgiving (Liane), Law Town, Caseys, tripped and fell, Alt, White Heat, 
Merrimack, Hootah mans, Holidays (Tran). Jcamms, P50. Poolside, Girls 
weekend (Kerry), Manus' porch. The Desert (JB LH SB KB), "bust a U'ey" 
(CC AM) Lianes window. Camping, Nicks, DMB concert, Bobs, Proms, 
Halloween, Jareds van. "Life is too short; if you don't look around once in 
a while you might miss it." Forget: 3/21/03 Silverwhip R.I. P. 

Well this is really the ultimate away message. I mean it's not online but it's the 
last thing I'll be remembered by so... LAMPS HADE HAHAHA 7.14.94. But I 
guess there's no way around it so here's the list of random inside jokes. Pizzo 
11&12/ MK clapping/Stark loves his poker /Bamberg-I don't even know/ Wat's 
all that grip on the toothbrush?? / Lou Boat/ Don Coxson/ Silva's sho with no 
roof/ that invisible fence @ oak's / good times at Zullos./ the Niko look./ driving 
Emma to learn how to not be stupid/ Jill charade this! RIP Snugs. Thanx for 
everything Mom Dad Christa. What else? Probably forgetting a lot so whoever 
I missed thumbs up. Good luck to everyone at college and thanks for all the good 

Love my family and friends, thanks for everything... Superfans '04... love you 
all, Ina-my teddy, BFF; Tim- miss you buddy; Katty-BFF, thanks for always 
being there, #12 for life; Dennis (The Real Thing), Kev and Steve- The 
original (male) quad, been friends forever, you guys are the best; Lauren- #12 
for life, Ever since 3 rd grade; Ally- thanks for everything, you're awesome; 
Al- Locker Checking, A-L-LYSON; Jilly + Emily- my fav Olsons; Summer 
'03. ..Good Times, Boys vs. Girls, The Water Balloon Massacre, Scavenger 
Hunts, Bball + Softball, Cookouts, Wrestling, Beach trips. Dressing up, Soccer 
'03, Boot, Little Girls, TPing, Dinners, "Storytime". #12 for life (LR, KC, 
DC), Strings class- All our talks, Dave heater talk, Quebec + Paris trips... It's 
been real, It's been fun, It's been real fun... 


Daniel Chalmers 

Todd Chen 

My deepest and most sincere gratitude to those in the past, those in the present, and 
those down the road. Now I will end with some quotes: "Even the wise cannot see 
all ends. Faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens. It's a job that's 
never started that takes the longest to finish. The world changes, and all that once 
was strong now proves unsure. All that is gold does not glitter. Not all those who 
wander are lost: The old that is strong does not wither. Deep roots are not reached 
by frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken. A light from the shadows shall 
spring: Renewed shall be blade that was broken: The crownless again shall be king. 
The board is set. the pieces are moving. We come to it at last. . . the great battle of 
our time." 




To Mom and Dad: thank you for all the support you have given me over the years. 
I will miss you very much when I go to college. To Friends: this is not the end-it 
is ONLY the beginning. Great opportunities and challenges lie ahead and I know 
we have what it takes to succeed and be somebody. Thank you all (you know who 
you are ! ) for the FANTABULOUS four years of memories that we shared together 
here in Wilmington High School. To Teachers: even though I am a little bit hard 
to deal with sometimes. I sincerely hope that what I have done and said in the 
classrooms have made a lasting impression on you. just as much as you have made 
a lasting impact on my life. I really appreciate the dedications, the time, and the 
energy that you have contributed in making me a better individual. Thank you for 

Kristen Cherubino 

Katherine Chin 

Kat, Kafrin 

Mom and Dad time flies huh? You never stopped believing in me. I love you. Mike 
you taught me so much couldn't ask for a better brother. Nicole my beautiful 
replica HAHA I'll miss you (you'll miss my clothes) Grammy&Nana I LOVE 
YOU. Pa your fav middle child is growing up! Strings Crew-never forget 5 lh 
period IQuebec (elyse twizzlers DO make crumbs ) Jillian from SATS to bellybutton 
rings. Jenna and Cush- your the two best friends a girl could find I'm gunna miss 
you two so much. 'For the times when we're apart, close your eyes, and if you cant 
remember... Keep smiling, keep shining, knowing you can always count on me. 
for sure, that's what friends are for" 2004 good luck in everything you do! 

Thanks Mom. Dad and Lizz for all your support in reaching my goals-I love you 
so much. Thanks to all my friends for awesome memories-Superfans. Summer '03. 
proms, dances, girls night, beach trips, hanging out all the time, boys vs. girls. 
scavenger hunts. Red Sox parties, night games. BBQ's, bball. "aww Diddy". 
dressing up. wannabe Quad, flour fights and so much more-I love you all. stay in 
touch. *Quad* Melis. Christa and Ina-Cape. Florida, concerts, "playa please", the 
plan-love you girls w/all my heart. Jared-thanks for all the good memories and 
making me smile. Tim-miss you tons. Davey bff. #12 for life! Fun times at field 
hockey-KFA. llamas. TPing. "It never ends. . ." and states. Track. . .Woo! My twin. 
Strings-Paris. Quebec, and all our good talks. "It's been real, it's been fun. it's been 
real fun..." 


Thanks to my family for their love, support, and inspiration and to my friends for 
all the memories. I'm dedicating the FRIENDS theme song, "I'll Be There for 
You", to you: "So no one told you life was gonna be this way, Your job's a joke, 
You're broke, Your love life's DOA, It's like you're always stuck in second gear, 
When it hasn't been your day, Your week, Your month, Or even your year, but.. .I'll 
be there for you.. .When the rain starts to pour, I'll be there for you. ..Like I've been 
there before, I'll be there for you. ..'Cause you're there for me too... No one could 
ever know me, No one could ever see me, Seems you're the only one who knows 
what it's like to be me, Someone to face the day with, Make it through all the mess 
with, Someone I'll always laugh with, Even at my worst, I'm best with.. .you!" 

Dan and Chuk- we've stayed together through it all you guys will always be like 
brothers to me, Football team- 1 love each and every one of you I'll never forget 
the bond we all shared "we are one", Ma, Dad, Steve- thanks for always being there 
for me, so many good times in the past and so many more to come, <3 Buddha<3, 
the Dorrance's basement, the beach house, Hull, Boat rides, guarding at the lake, 
white water rafting, witches woods, Desert Steezy, hug line, cheerleaders, all you 
can eat, toilet papering, camping with the Lojeks, Hampton and the Cape with the 
Hurleys, going to the football games frosh year, Charlie's scar, summer, tech class, 
missing projects, campfires, the dead giveaways, DMB concerts, Thanksgiving, 
proms, Improvasylum, Blue Man Group, hotels, * Tara * miss and love you 


Buck Aru Collings 

Buckv B 

Danielle Cormier 

Mom, Dad and Sara thank you for pushing me to pursue my dreams. The Crew - 
we be the best around- "we're loyal like brothers, just us vs. all the others." Doug 
and Dan you guys are my best friends 4 Eva - the dead giveaways own you ! Never 
forget this shizzy: Basement Pits, Summers Eve, Taint, Insulin Man, Doug's 
Basement show - "Holla if ya hear me" , L-Ting, Rebel yells (Woo Wee), Dancing 
at lunch, "I'm so emo it hurts", Kurt going tanning. Hey Mickey, Jean Jacket, 
Banana Phone, Shot Putters Stretch, Broken Hearts, Camo Pants, C.O.I, Rebel 
Dance, Sensei, P.O.P, Slow Claps, Zeke, Mac, Baby Cow, Breaking the Fast, 
Prime A, sXe, the girl next door (I <3 u forever, never forget me), 2003 Road 
Trips,... Finally to everyone, no matter what you do in life, or where you end up... 
"Don't ever compromise what you believe"... 

Much thanks mom dad ally and matt always stuck by me no matter what, 
chooch don't know where id be without ya me n you been threw to much you'll 
always be my boy, #30 and #16 the dominant team, great times with the rest 
of you boys a lot of memories to much to say you know who you are, none 
of us could have made it without each other senior girls you know who you 
are couldn't have done it without you, senior football season great year came 
to close but will never forget it, thanks guys, can't forget the rest of the fam 
lucky to go to school with, you guys are the best from older to younger always 
there for me, to all you underclassman it comes and goes to fast don't hold 
back there's to much to do in so little time so live it up, its finally over lata 
Wilmington H h 

Mom, Dad, Jess & all my family- my support/encouragement, thank you for 
everything, I love you all. To my *quad* girls- Ina, Kat, and Melis- my true sisters, 
so lucky to have you girls- always good times: cape, jingle ball, florida, 
matchbox. . .keep em comin- never forget our plan- im always here for yas. To the 
*superfans*- thanks for an unforgettable four years-so many laughs, never change. 
Always remember: summer 03- beach- prom- bball- dances- rides in the neon- 
bbq's- red sox parties- uncle mickeys- spirit days- wannabe quad- lifeguard- 
outback boys (b.m. and j.s.) lau- always here for ya- dancingirls- love you 
all. .thanks to all my friends- couldn't have asked for a better four years, wouldn't 
change a thing, "it's been real, it's been fun, it's been real fun..." 



Well let's make this short and to the point, because to be honest, I'm tired 
and I'm doing this last minute (like always). First of all, thanks to my parents 
and the res of my family for all the support. Also to the football team, you 
guys are awesome. I'll never forget the 2003 season which put me in a 
hospital... haha. Great times and unbelieveable season though. Shout outs to 
some of the kids that I have hung out with over the years... Silva, Pickett, 
Ashley, MK, Murph, and O'Connor (the "Silver Platters Crew"). Cava, Leo, 
Irving, Lemke, Stark, Bamberg, Lou, Mitzan, Mofo, K Bomb, Wes, Montalto, 
Dano, Brander, Mike A., Kurt, Landry, Lisa, Krist, Janal, Rappa, and everyone 
else, you know who you are. Thanks to everyone for all of the memories, 
and good luck in college or whatever you do. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Pat, Pete, and Tom for all your support. lenna, Kristen 
and Jillian My Bestest! M.B. A.S. E.D. N.L. K.B. J.R., Lauren R so many good 
times! A good friend is hard to find, hard to lose, and impossible to forget..." 
Thank You for always being there! Jordan so many good memories, MV, Plum 
Island, Snowboarding, Boston, Prom, Thank you for everything! FH #17 
01-04, Girls love you all and will miss u, Llamas, sleepovers, "move it fast", 
KFA, P.O. , sing offs, Dinners. I will miss you all! 


Mom, Dad, Chris, Sally & Phillip you mean the world to me! McQuades: 
Thanks for the many laughs. S.S. E.B. H.P.-the wonderball. Erin and Hodge 
I couldn't have done this without you! Gloucester, CVS, Meep, womanly wrath 
"Sweeeeet Caroliiinee" BBC NROP Good times: Charlie's, Jays, Oh Phil, Egg 
Leg, the FLING, Seany-where have I seen you dance, where? Black Betty, Pour 
some sugar on me. Scoof-always buds. Em Mere Sponch Jenna Ash Eager Silvio 
Nicole Niko Stace Liane Chuck Dan'l Jay Dave Joe C Chooch Cava Mark you all! FH girlies-Thanks for a great 4 yrs. Lou & Judge-my 
true sisters. JLY Back to my Back, Chair Dancin' The STO: craziness Bud 
DMB '02-'03 I love the rain. For those who have come and gone, you've 
made these years unforgettable, thank you all! 

Dave DeMango 

Dnigz, Mango, Sergio 

Stan Dekhtyar 


Thanks so much to my family (Mom, Dad. Christyne. Brendan) for always 
being there. Kate thanks for 2 great years cape cod (lobster)(bio tech)(Adam 
Sandler). Jr prom Keith's house, healthy pop, Herra karaoke, hairy finger. 
NYC tripCwhere is ur easy pass), York w/JD JC SG BH PM, boxing in my 
basement, APPLES, walky talkies, gibberish. WHITE HEAT Hanley n 
Phil(SC.AM,LM.LM,DM)whales. Wildwood What Kara Nicole, SG freezing 
apple grizzle. TP'in Soph. Jr. Senior. Friday nites unda the lights wit the 
football guys, Digz!. Michelob, PIMP'N. "here we go here" "To the classes 
coming up hold on to the memories cuz you'll neva get them back" DSD 



I want to thank my family for being there for everything. Thanks to my 
friends: Vinny , Tanz, Pat-o, Jones, Marie, Joe, Sully, Jordan, Scamman, K LO, 
Shayne-O, Doug, Buck, Checo. Kurt, Athena, Allison. Cullen. Megan H, 
Becca, Al, Shannon, Amanda M, Jess C, Stef, Andy, Timmy, Leanne, Pat V. 
Thanks for always being there and the good times. Crystal thanks for 
everything your awsome. Korn&Disturbed Concert (almost loosing my 
license), Sensei, POOT, cabino tres, local shows, parties!!!!!!. Trips: Hamp- 
ton beach. Canobie, Water Country, driving around and getting lost, seeing 
nuns, drivers Ed (jimmy), Eve 6 concert, real lunatics ride wit us, Boston, 
R.I. P. my Toyota Corolla. Good times guys never forget thanks for every- 


Member of the Freshmen Football Team, Varsity Hockey Team, Foreign 
Language Club, National Honor Society, and Vice President of Student 
Council. Good times in tech. 

First, I'd like to thank my mother and father for everything they have done 
for me. I'd like to thank Ms. DiBona for helping me with my newspaper 
articles and my college essays. What I'll remember most is the high school 
band and all the people in it. To those who are the closest: thanks for the 
memories and good luck in the future. The band room isn't my second home: 
it's my first. Oh, and one more thing: here's hoping the Red Sox win a world 
series before the Class of 2004' s grandchildren are old enough to read this. 

Life is sweet, make the time sweet. Seize the day, go places, know nature, sit 
and think, remember, respect others, be excited, relax, look out every window, 
keep the time, do your best, seek peace, know truth, keep faith, stay true, smile 
big, laugh loudly, look up, go slow, be in love, follow your heart, be a friend, 
cherish family, take chances, dream deeply, love strongly, live boldly. 
For you: Thanks for the memories, take them with you, best of luck in the 

Love, Emily 

Emily-the best twin/friend I could ask for, miss you crazy! Alii -t-Hodge- 
couldn't have done it w/out all the love! Mere-what's yours is mine. 
Remember: the first and last of everything-the drama-proms-CVS-flip cup- 
morning afters-Boston trips-Hull-Gloucester-the music-weekends-the es- 
cape-B-rads house-DMB + Dashboard '03-GTW-my brothers CL DH JC-Alli: 
car confessions +singing-spoon or fork?-Lieutenant/ Sergeant-AM LM LM 
SC DM-always the life of the party !3 week flee-take a number-Scoof's laugh- 
Ithaca-Willy Wonka-James Bond-I'm indifferent-Pickle: my southern bell- 
pass the heini- that's the way the cookie crumblesithe good-great-bad+ 
unbearable.To the 04 seniors thanks for memorable 4 yrs good luck in the 
future. Liz-thanks for paving the way-Mom+Dad- thanks for giving me the 
world, I love you. No regrets. 



Joe Downs 



Thanks Mom. Dad & Christina for everything. Love my rat! Football boys- 
good times. "Hairy finger." Herra Karaoke, ""healthy pop." apples. Old 
Orchard! OOBME l. courtyard, proms. Mango's house, random rides, late- 
night rides with J.C. fav nephew Ryan. Thank you Jackie for all the things 
you've done for me. I love you (6343) SMILE! MIDGET! 

Jennifer Earls 

First. I would like to thank all of my friends and family, whose support and love 
has seen me through my darkest moments and has given me a purpose in life. To 
all of those who have helped guide me on my way to discovering my true self, and 
to those who have given me the encouragement to achieve my goals. I will never 
forget your impact upon my life. Finally, to all of my fellow classmates, thank you 
for making my time in Wilmington and my high school experience so memorable. 
And one last final rhyme. To seal this special moment in time. May this picture of 
mine above. Be my reminder to those I love. To continue striving for your goals. 
To pursue only what fulfills your soul, to live to inspire, and to never lose sight 
of what vou desire. 

Melissa Estremera 

Shannon Fahey 

Shan, Shafa, B.E.P. 

Mj biggest thanks > Mom & Dad-u make me believe I can do anything, 

rm sisters: Jenn-nv fan. thanx for all ur encouragement. Cynthia-I 

can never tell u how i helped me. luv u all. My best girls: Jenna and 

Teresa, u guys r continual putting me back together, more like my sisters 
now high school would npossible w/o u both. To the otha few Eve 

gotten t know: I learned mere lessons from u than an\ book couldve eva given 
me. Thanx for all the memories-the good and bad. everything was important 

Thanks familv for the support. FH - never ends, states, KFC, llamas. SB 
- CAL CHAMPS 01-03, lets get them..Cape Cod, Diablo,WB. S Squad 
7 - love you girls, thanks everything. Ally get your glasses, 111 Stand 
Bv You, HB Club, sleeping bags, limo, hotel, learn or speak it, GFN, Ace, 
lunch pole, travel soccer, "us", Salv, part}- people. Superfans - I love 
yous! Summer 03 - scav hunts, gang fights, sball games, girls night, water 
balloons, playing in the dark, operation SC, drive-in, road trips, carnie, 
bbqs, beach trips, IParty, Canobie. Pats parade, New Years, snowed in 
sleepover, Boston trips, Bdays, HP Group, playing in the snow, Xmas 
party, Amish, McChicken, powderpuff, motards. Never forget Bio, 
French, F&N, Lynch, Anatomy. Thanks for the best times of my life; I love 
you guys. 



00-04 the best years of our lives. Greta times with all the cool kids. Soccer 
& Ttrack. Figs my sista from a different mista. Big Lou, D-Ro, Tio, Big Mac, 
Attack, Tilly, Southie cuz I like that! DUC, BGA all the way. DC " she was 
hot from far, but far from hot". This is my Jam Man! "Wat you doin" Been 
chillin at th eHoliday Inn! "Clutch Dutch", "50 Euro cent", Pappa G, churros 
in Spanish, "If I were you, thank God I am nof'Kool aid chillers, . Big Murph, 
art buddies, Mah-Gie, Frosted Ghost, I luv u 2! j/k lol! Third car must be a luck 
one! Every Friday! Summers Fun! Winter Boarding! Class of 04, Never Forget 
These Times 

Thanks mom dad holly and T, for helping me get threw these past 4 years. 
Superfans senior year G-3 B-l, road rules Newport, beach trip from hell, anatomy 
Jr year, all the Amish wannabes, Dave and Dave' s wedding, gang fights at the town 
hall, summa 02' 03' bball red hot chili peppers, the goalie from Mongolia, 
car rides with - tampon face, random objects, pat's games with hermy, 
Soccer girls Foley and the Nabster, my HI sis's lani, kat, & Age, car rides home 
with Rappa, soccer dinners, cupcake fight with dave, making movies with kate 
kate & holls, beating up dave & all that math tutoring, Steve's farting noises, 
fab 5, I LOVE: S.quad 7, the quad, jilbert, the guys, trio, thanks 21 muahh. Its 
been real its been fun its been real fun. We're no where near the end - Katie 

Thanks to all my true friends who have been there for me. So many good times: 
Eggin cars (even the inside of mine KB) Summers in NH, ERICSON, Getting 
Caught GR, Spice Girls, Scavenger Hunt, Parties, V-ball (car rides KL, My Sis 
KE). Thank you so much Mom, Dad, Erica for everything, I couldn't have 
done it without you. Leo- thanks for always being there; I love you so much. 

Thanx 2 my fam. for all my support. Mike I love u so much, don't no wat 
I woulda dun w/out u 10/22/02. wanna shout out to my amigas/os-couldn't 
have made it through HS w/out u guyz-Gina, Pettigrew, Marie, Checo, Shelia 
P, Katie R, Jess, Vin, Stan, Misha, Dan T, Cullen, Buck, Doug. Neva Forget: 
summa 02' (cape house, road trips, tubbin in the ocean-R there sharks out 
here? hittin up Mac's @ 12, extreme mini-golf, livin @ Old Silver) Prom 
03'(Dunkin's w/ prom updoo's) hotel parties, honkin @ the hotties (in big 
Bessie!) Halloween 03', sprit week, football games, Disney 00', ski trips, 
camp (cabin 11) track, b-ball, 6 Flags, bio-tech, drive home from Palace- 
are we in NH? werd to my band buddies: NS,JS,SS,JF,DRGS,BA. Thank god 
it's all ova-here I come SHU! Regrets-trustin people who can't be trusted. 


Shayne Gaffney 


Elyse Gambardella 

First off. much love to my parents, my brothers, my sisters, and my teachers for 
helping me get through high school. Also much thanks to Da Crew "We're loyal, 
like brothers. Just us vs. all the others". And thank you soooo much Chaela. I love 
you always forever and a day ! ! Cross-country and track. I will never forget. And 
now for some random good times: Lazer taggin. TDG concert. Summer Sanitarium 
Tours. Krispy Kremes. the Clap. FCS. the Lude*s. MB baby!!, breaking the fast. 
the BUM mafia. TP-ing Bradleys. Hobarts. Whistle tips, proms, baby cow. random 
trips to random places, pits at AP's. Hampton beach, snow days, the V8 Custom 
LeBaron. Medford skate park trips. "Guess how fast you were going son?". Wooo 
wooo! C-ya. 

To: Mom. Dad. and Paul: Thank you for always believing in me. I love you! To 
all my friends: WHS wouldn't have been the same w/out you. Sball grls: 
un4gettable summer! Strings Crew: love u girls-Quebec 2003&Paris 2000. KC- 
twizzlers don't have crumbs. SB&MH-SYMS. Viol boy. SS-NYC. 5 Ave w/ 
camera Xtina concert. Xmas dinners. SB-Naked Cowboy. Homecoming 2003. Jr 
Prom 2003. JO-co worker, staci beep! Cape-Harry Potter Jelly beans, parasailing 
w/SB. LN&SB-Sat Night Movie Crew. Wlm Hobo. Improv Asylum LN&SB. 
Sball dinners. LN-p truck. SS. SB LN-spice girls movie. "Those schoolgirl days 
of telling tales and biting nails are gone. But in my mind I know they will still live 
on and on." 

Thanks to Dad Mom and Kii r always believing in me in what ever I do. 
Also Thanks to all the Superfans and my friends who have been with me 
through these \ears I lo\ .ou all. Tim man I miss you. Never forget the 
summers of "02" and "03" ' "> SON. the trips to York Beach. Locker 

( king. Boys vs Girls. Water Balloon Massacre. Scavenger Hunts. Celtics 
game. Bball. Football. Softball (2-0), Trip to Plaster Fun Time. BIG DUST!. 
limes with m\ buds. Amanda. De\in, and Erin bffs couldn't live without 
ou. Jalisa you're the besi babe I Love You. Everyone stay in touch. Its 
been real. It's been fun. It's been real fun. 

Mom Dad thanx for the support and always being yas!! To my 
gurlies w ould help me if I was down if not then would lay down beside me and 
listen and my boys we know how we do! Just wanted to say thanx for the good 
times and making my senior year awesome! Amez-uz my hero! Obes-do it 
up! Football and soccer games, powdapuff. insane bench posse, ctown nights, 
papa g's. padidle. parties. SPAM-yellow buggie. hersh-3some wit the Dutchy. 
all the proms! Epelle-I'm jus tired j.lo-exorcist buddies mel-red arrow whu- 
ish and giggles big RAIL GS-nuttin can replace my spongebob >143 and to 
everyone else it's been GREEAAT!! Greatest lesson learned: If your friends 
jumped off a cliff would you? No. I'd be at the bottom catching them!! 

Mom & Dad - thank you for showing me the world, Erik & Kristina- thank you for 
doing what you do- 1 love you. Mich- my angel, thanks for having teretz w/me. 
Jimbo and Agnes- my 2 nd rents- thank you for always looking out for me-love you. 
C.S.- 6 yrs and still goin , never change. JJ & Krissy, couldn't have done it w/out 
you, love you until the end. 7*10*03 -G.R. & J.B. lowellboys, shack crew, teretz, 
oh Mb, spididle, magnus, bertha, agnes, "the couger" bRc, Gina one of a 
kind, Derek- neighbor love! NATURE!, watermelon, "the guy", Jr. Prom, summer 
03', doggamobile, the infinitive, M.M. L.M. G.R. J.B. K.D. J.L. C.S. A.B. .C.S. 
L.F. L.M. D.C. S.C. E.D. S.H. K.B...Jason-I love you....grls..wheres our 30 ? 

Thanks mom I love you. To all my friends thanks for everything. MC best 
friend I love you always. Remember: choir, lunches, CYC, Adopt - A - Frosh, 
parties at Megs, concert, the 99, trips to the mall, gymnastics, Nationals 
2000, cheering, Dunkins with Carol, Homecoming dances, prom, my sweet 
16 party, choir concerts, choir lunches, choir picnic, movie nights with DE, 
driving school, Hampton Beach with Tom, Christmas party at the SCC, MH 
birthday signs, sewing with MC, fun times in Sterling with Tom, Washington 
trip. Can't believe it's been 4 years. Tom thanks for everything baby, you 
are my everything. I love you with all of my heart muah! "Work like you need 
the money, love like you've never been hurt, dance like no one is watching, 
and live life to the fullest." 

Kerry Gillis 

Ker, KG 

Samantha Gillis 

Thanks 2 my family n friends for support ova the yrs. love u guys FH was 
awesome all 4 seasons llamas, tping, States, never forget it cuz it neva ends. 
KFA. Superfans so many memories revengia, scavy hunts girls night 
bbqs,watchin movies, prom, goin to games and so many more love u guys, my 
best freinds, RS TZ SF KR AF AM, sleepovers beach HB the pole,prom luv 
u girls dont change. Musketeers-o the memories the salv wheelchairs waitin 
4 2nite, im not that..ya doin ok? Cops, bep, Mcchicken swich scary drivers 
dimes sandra sydney & george KSFA sm. wonders, lockmonsters santa party 
pple move it fast scary stuff My best freind t.z -another sister, bff, AI, BMD, 
marker fites, get outa the bush FONYPU kyoto Angela RI freaks pple on 
phone at late hrs alwys fun makin memz had the time of my life & I owe it 
all to u. 

I would just like to thank my family for their continuous love and support. 
Ben u have been an inspiration to me. To all my friends I love u, u know who 
u r. JS: always havin fun w/ u girly, dunno wat I would do w/out u, thanx for 
always bein there for me, late nite talks online, nub, high maintenance. 
Everyone else: movies, restaurants, EPI PENS, party people, spirit week, 
carpoolin w/ station wagon, goin to games + recitals, drivers ed, American Idol, 
stealer, bowling, Big Butt, prom, Bob Marley, Due, Rappers, Yellow Buggy, 
Food Nutrition, dentist, hairbrushes, sleepovers, summers, balloon fights, 
pushed into pools, can of worms, staples not office max. FH: KFA, #18, 
NEVER ENDS, 10/17 TP, STATES, Girls I couldn't have asked for anything 
more, always be proud of what we have accomplished, we had a great season! 


Joseph Giordano 

Sean Godding 

Seanv G, G Unit, 31 

Thank you to mom. dad. Laura, and Burnsy. I love my baby Amanda 7-30-03. N/ 
f hockey #10 moose's before hockey dinners, good times with friends. Friday 
nights. Murph" s junior prom bash. Grad. Party sat. hiltz's parties, "I*m so ancy'* jen 
P.=mad funny, long rides to school, mad oranges, the topaz, valentines day junior 
year (ya g). flowin with lib. cruises. Landry's bbq. mikes costume party. Yo rat! 
Fun times. The corner at the shack (lisa.rat.ryan). 4 th of July 1 1 o'clock (1-2,1-2), 
big cox. ship, woooo. first football game o man. dazed and confused, the 
eclipse(my baby), early mornin meetins on gina' s porch lunch talks wit Jackie long 
weekends never ending, hurtin nights, hurtin mornins. love it all, do it all again. 

actually forget that, its over. Kid mad funny write up. latta. 

Railroad, 6"7 Curtis Jackson A Pari. BobbyHarr Cox Miller Birdman 
Downsie,Jones,Trainer Bill. blood,sweat.tears,pride,tradition,sacrifice, 
regrets. I wouldn't trade these yrs for anything. PatEmac AKA Kronic.a 
bucket of water, the Jetta. Red Riders, Irish Pride.Horne Movies, Gramps, 
nocturnal Eskimos, AZ. D.C, power,DD runs, Gloucester and York Beach 03, 
NYC 03 Finding Nima.Sako.apples at DSDs, crash into me Cat 8/19/03, tho 
Sto, Operation Walmart. Gibberish, Freezing apple a grizzly, Kara: thanks for 
everything:BF:5/5. Alli-its not over the bands gona make it Erin-thanks for 
being there, prom, HI P My family for showing great love and support all 
throughout my life Bimba.c u @Logan. Dream another dream this dream is 

Mom.Dad&everyone else t all your support.Thanx Mr. Dilmore & 

all my fav teachers for pusl ) do my best & never give up. I will neva 

forget all my friends & our Jtyme'-&inside jokes.Goodluck in college & 
the future Obie-look at me now!Ur mom my dad.humma limo, dirty 
socks. strawberrs shortcake Madz-maddawg. im ur hero it up, Ristuccia 
rox our world. cllo outtie...G-ibp reppin.the trains, GS & Amtrak, 
dunkaccinos Epelle-the makeover oh erica. yes my son. how many nites in a 
row'' goin to the Olympics Whu-ju-lo, cardtricks. am I lying now? Jay-jrock. 
sisias 4 1 y f . guy watchin. pdiddlediddle Tman- my pizzas betta. spatula singin 
3ri-fairy godmother, stand buddy, collegefair. which father? ami&brinana 
Hersh- chclle, soccacheerleadas WFSC gurlz-gunna miss u/. neva forget. y'.'bcuz 

Shout out to all my underclassmen friends and fellow seniors. Long live 
BAND! REMEMBER: Disney 2000, Big Dust, Mr.Kenny's geometry class, 
Carroll-doga. Speak Up, Junior English, SADD. The Prom. "Quack Quack" 
Football games. Improv Fridays. Good luck to all the seniors in the future. 


THANKS TO: Mom & Dad- You've done so much for me-love you both, Jake- 
Thanks for all your help & support, Emily-my big sis & best friend-I love you w/ 
all my heart. John. Grammie & Melissa. FRIENDS: Steph (BF's for 10 yrs. Thanx- 
love u girl), Michelle & Becca(My P. Star)-My true friends xo-never forget you 
girls. JJ(thanx babe). Lau. Kel. Mike-thanx 4 the memories, and the rest of my girls 
& guys. REMEMBER: Hampton 03, Don't Staap!. random drives. MB crew, 
Guys..Shh, ringtones, hermies, Prom, football games, Fids class, spirit weeks. 
Green Apple & Razz, Which ways the beach, the Shower. Britney, college visits, 
Pididdle. Compare & Save. Summer 03, talks, the Camry, hotel memories, Stephs 
house, the Probe. Boston. DiRRty dance, Alex-thank u for makin me so happy, love 
you-06/21-xo. Good luck to everyonc.No regrets.. 

Mom, Dad, Jess thanx 4 the support. Lots of memories over the years. 
Football team of 2003-04 was shiznasty SG, DD. CL, KL. DH. JC. JC JD, DT, 
DP, MC, JM, KS was a great senior football class. We kept it real! Kara thanx 
for coming to all of our games, it was great support. Fidz class two years was 
always good times. Rappa kept Fidz in line. Me+Rappa= D.C. buddies, fun 
times. All the memorable rippas @ my house, and goobaz @ phils. A shout 
out to mutta, mint, dort, bnugz, and downs, its been real, and we got plenty 
more good times. Ill def. keep up w/ u guyz after H.S. So good luck to the senior 
class in life and whom ever I don't talk to lata, well u can just keep on truckin! 

Due Hoang 

Sarah A. Hodge 

Hodgie Sash 

So much to write in such little space ! This is what 187. excluding Gregg 

D'Angeli because, well, he's Gregg D'Angeli and anyone who says "Queen" 
every 5min. can't possibly count (JK), of my classmates will say, "Cluck next 
year and I had lots of good memories... etc" and other Wilmingtonized sayings. 
This is what I have to say. MR2. Mid-engine Rear-wheel drive 2-seater is what 
it means. The Chasis/Engine code is SW20/3S-GTE. 2001b/tq@3200rpm and 
200hp@6000rpm. which accelerates the 2 to ~14.2sec. in the l/4mile. Okay, 
I'm jk but I had to say it. This may seem contradictory, but I'm from 
Wilmington and I'm semi PROUD! I've had lots of good times and I do hope 
everyone luck. I would include all my friends but I'm too lazy to type all of 
them even though they deserve it. You know who you are. Keep in 

Thankyou Mom, Papa, Christie, Janelle for supporting me and staying 
behind me. Smit, thanks for letting me tag along and being my best friend. 
Snelf, you are so caring and fun to be with. Erin and Alii, you made the 
four years worth while. AS ED MB LC, TRIO, Dorrance Basement, 
Mere's Pool, Jay's sleepover. AM SC LM LN DM always an adventure. 
Alii, Gloucester, six flags, nice Audi, wicked, adventures with Deb. Erin, 
Ithaca, summer nights, Dave Mathews. Annette, ARIA, hockey kids, 
working at Tall Ships. It was fun, went by fast, finally over. 


Chuk & Jay: you guys have been there from the start and I know you guys will be 
there till the end. The girls, guys and of course the Football Team (I love you guys). 
Fll never forget the Times we've had along the way. Hampton. The Cape. 
Camping. White Water Rafting, Truck Stop, Gillette, Town Park, The Beach 
House. Hull. Walking the Tracks. Desert Steeze, Silver Lake, Cheerleaders. 
Summers. Comedy Clubs, DMB concerts. Big Sini's Crib. The Silver Bullet R.I. P. 
White Thunder. Shed. The Dead Giveaways, The Screen House, Witches Woods, 
Football Games. Seany G's House, Proms. Murphs Truck. Jr. year Double 
Sessions. Toilet Papering. The Cliff. Papa Gino's/Rocco's. My House, Off 
Roading. Camp Fires, The Dorrances Basement, Red Rooster, Bobby Ha's, 
Cheerleading Comps. Sledding Good Friends, Good Fun. Good times. 

Michael Hurst 

Steven Iorio 

Steve, Stevo, Diddy 

Love my family & friends. Thanks for everything. . .Superfans '04. . .You 
guys made high school the best. . .The original quad: Dave, Dennis, and Kev. 
. .Thanks for the short jokes and always being there. . .Al-locker checking 
& gas money. . .Ally-b-son. . .Tim-miss ya man. . .Ina & Kat-"awwww". . 
Jared-thug life. . .Shannon-playing in the dark. . .You know who the rest of 
you guys are. . .Summer '03. Best Ever: Bball. Softball. Battle of the Sexes, 
Being thrown in pools. Bumming for rides. Water Ballons. T-ping. "Opera- 
tion Kidnap Cookieman", Scavenger Hunts... Red Sox '03: The best and worst 
season of my life. . ."You only live life once, but if you live it right, once is 
enough.". . ."The most wasted day of all is that during which we have not 
laughed.". . ."It's been real, it's been fun. it's been real fun." 



Mom and Dad: I love you both so much. Thank you for always supporting me, 
loving me and guiding me through everything. Nicole: You're going to grow up 
to be amazing! Thank you for always being there! I love you! Andrew: My HF 
Fidget. So many great memories! I'm so in love with you! 03-15-03 Sheila: BFF! 
I'll always be here for you. So many laughs, tears & good times! REMEMBER: 
All my friends, I love you! Jr. Prom, Hampton, Sball States, Topsfield Fair '03, 
Wells Beach, BT Bath, Fanuel Hall, FF's and C.N.'s, Royal Dynasty, DECA. 
Fenway Park, DeCordova, P? B?, Twinkie, Mini-golf, Tubquale, Meshe Meshe, 
Lucci's. Drivers Ed. Boys, Ratings, Elia's, 8ACFTD sign, Snix' Hlwn Pty '01 . Hi 
Ho Silver, White Trash, Twisters, Pettigrew's Summa Party '02 & '03, Summa 
Nights '03, 4-17-03. Fleet Center, and ALL of Senior Year! 

First off I would like to say thanks to my Mom and Dad for helping me out 
whenever I needed it through High School, and to my sister Kara, I'll always 
be thinking of you. Also to all my friends for all the good times. Lemke and 
Mitzan, that guy in the plate, one hour pre-gaming, late night Simard runs and 
all our other funny times/ Lauren, I smell ducky/ Pickett, lots of awesome 
times since 3 rd grade like Winnipesaukee. Roller Coaster and taking u down 
a black diamond your first time snowboarding/ Parsons. Cat in the Hat and 
Craaazy times in Dominican/ kfc cause its just that good/ Dunkin' Donuts/ 
CVS/ FCS crew/ Gina's party, what a mess/ Washington Trip/ to name a few 
things and many more good times to come. Thanks again to everyone and 
good luck. As some random person once told me and Brian, "Cheers." 

Katianne Jackson 

Katie, Kate 

James Janeiro 

Thanks to: Mom, Dad, Jessica, Sarah. Brad, Katie (K8e). Miss Elisa, Allyson, 
Rachele, Jill, Elyse, Scott, Marissa, Jen, Dave, Dennis, Dave, Shannon, 
Amanda, Alan, Jared, Steve, Christa, Kat, Christina, Melissa, Kerry, Tiffany, 
Kevin, Kim, Memories: Freshman Bio, V-Day Dance, Bye Bye Birdie, Little 
Shop. Junior Prom, Summer '03, Beach Days, Calculus, Civil War, Football 
Games, Gang Fights, Jill's Pool House, Katie Sandwich, Matthew, Morning 
Walks, Period 2 Gym, *Superfans*, The "Superlative Game". Thanks for all 
of the memories! "And so our high school story finally ends, but years from 
now, no matter where we've traveled, we'll all look back and think about our 


D. Ryan Jeartnette 

Kaitlyn Jordan 

I just want to say thanks to the best person in the world. Stephanie Pacheco has 
influenced my life in so many ways I cannot even begin to explain it here with this 
limited space. I have had the best time with you in High School. We have done 
many fun things, such as trips to Canada. Florida, and Maine. I could not have 
asked for a better person to be with during my High School years. I do not know 
what the future will bring for both of us, but I know it will be good no matter how 
it works out. I hope our paths cross again in the future. I LOVE YOU STEPHANIE ! 
Thanks for making such a difference in my life! And I can't forget to say hey to all 
the guys too. Good times doing all the crazy stuff we do! Market Basket... B-Mac 
is the best manager ever! 

High School has been very enjoyable and full of good times; I just wish it didn't 
go by as fast as it did. The memories I have of high school are great. I will never 
forget the great friend that I have and the wonderful people that I have met. They 
have truly made my high school experience amazing and unforgettable. To 
Danielle and Amanda you are the most fun and caring people that I could ever know 
and I am thankful that I have you two as my best friends. To my family I like to 
thank you for helping me get this far and for always supporting me. I have enjoyed 
my time here at high school and I going to miss everything about it. 

Jackie Joyce 

K. Michael Kelley Jr. 

MK, Mike 


Thanks Mom, Dad. Family and Friends. B and G soccer, bball, track. 
Sarah so many good times, thanks for everything Memories: Cava 
"Closing Time, "...and stuff happened, followin somel to college 
Bootslinger Jonny Knoxvilles. the farse top 16 Silva Boston in 13 . 
workin Spanky "that has nothing to do with it," MV Chant Celli's story 
telling Rappa N B, E T, givin my gloves to Celli Pizzo "Hey Kev," B C 
walk. 38. Spanish Video, B K, "I feel like that gate shouldn't be open" 
Quad, NA Game CYM. It's been fun. 



It's all over!! Thanks to all friends and family for the good times... Good Luck to 
everyone in college or whatever they may pursue. Can't forget Tennis season, 
poker, Wal-Mart and Finer. "Seeya bye" 

As I look back on my high school years, I realize that it was a period of changes, 
but the one thing that always remained constant was my family. Mom and 
Dad thanks for loving me and supporting me. Thanks for doing an excellent 
job in raising me to be the person I am today. Thanks for encouraging me to 
follow my dreams and to always succeed in doing what I enjoy. Khalib, more 
than just and ordinary brother, my protector and confidant, thanks for always 
making me laugh. Kalinah, Annika and Natasha, sisters by birth but friends 
by choice, thanks for always sticking together no matter what. Never forget 
the"strings crew". High school was a journey that has now come to an end, 
as I change my path to begin a new journey I know I can count on my family 
and close friends to support me...Always3/22/02"forever love" 

To Mom and Dad-Thank you for all that you've done for me and all of your 
support, I Love You. To Steph-Good Luck and have fun in high school, Love 
You. My Girls-GR/JB/KB/KF/KR/KC-Love Yas-thanks for the memories. 
GirlsNight '02 n/f. GR-Couldn't have survived these 4 years without you. I 
couldn't have asked for a better best friend. Thanks for everything-Love You 
Girl...MV '03-BC games-sprklsNglitter-The Captain... n/f. KB-crazy times- 
football games-getting lost... the Bury-"Wildcat Territory"... driving around- 
getting caught... much love girl. To all my Vball Chicks-"Give a yell Give 
a cheer... "-thanks for some of the best times of my life-gunna miss you all..n/ 
f you girls! <3 always * DM *-Superfan... thank you "Try not to cry and don't 
forget to fake a smile, the time has passed but the memories last as we all 
say good-bye." 

Mom & Dad-I appreciate everything u do 4 me,that's why I made it, I love 
you MB & PS- heaven, 3's company BF4L I love u 2! EP SP(sloppy 2nds) 
else= u made my high school years special, Math wrkshp(Heidi), wrasslin", 
CC RS JM AP crushes, York Beach, Wu Crew- JN JB CH CT, NR Crew- JS StewB 
PC.Tewks Crew- CS KW RC NF JD, HeRsH & Klo ad ventures... Dateless duo, 
Fltrip, blow my whistle, Btwon trips (Newbury+Cndm World), I s ' Congo 
Softball, ramen, ski trips, LiFe, MC boys,"How you dorn'?!", beaches,concets, 
junior&senior prom, pep rallys, fball games.Slava, socca chrleader, brekfast 
club, keyin',boys in other towns, local band groupie, flings, past boyfriends, 
powdapuff,Hey Baby, Fidz & McNeely. make-ups,PaiNtCaN! Forgets: summa 
skool, broken hearts, family fights 


Howdy to my family, Da Crew and everyone else that I wont name because 
I don"t want to leave anyone out. There were many good times this year 
so I might as well list them. And here we go: Summer's Eve, AP's basement 
pits. Breakin' the Fast every Friday. 6:30am. at Joyce's. Lumber Jack Joe 
spilling drinks on BF, Cosmo. Doug's Infiniti, Mac and Zeek, Bum Mafia. 
The Dead Giveaways, Laser Tag. baby cow, Kurt's Halloween, Horn Thief. 
CVS, Witch's Woods. Family Guy, Yelloward, Reggie and the Full Effect 
Concert. Doug's basement show, 80"s style radio, Eric rear ending Kurt. 
Krispy Kreme's, banana phone, Bubb Rubb (WOOO!! WOOO!!), Insulin, 
Hey Mickey, taint. Hoffman's algebra class, and that's all. Thank you to 
Da Crew for all the good oV times. "We're Loyal, Like Brother's. Just Us. 
Versus All the Others. 

My four years at WHS were a lot of fun, filled with great memories. Thanks 
to my friends for making these years awesome. LB. JB. AM, LC, DP, AB, SN, 
DS, PV, KV and everyone else, you know who you are. I'll always remember 
the good times in Mr. Donchin's class and Ms Fiddler's class. I will also 
remember all the trips to Hampton Beach, Newbury Street, Harvard square 
and the mall. Good luck class of 2004. "So go on, go and take on the world, 
expand your wings and fly across the sky." 

Nicole Lancione 


Ryan Landry 

Lanclros, Lan-drx 

I can't believe this is it. ad Steph thanks for everything you have 

done for me, love you so much. Kar - Doble couldn't ask for anyone better 
thanks for being true. Silverio: ToNs of memories and GOOD times <3 u tons! 
To my best girls, been through thick and thin. Its been real! Never forget the 
memories of parties, football games, sleepovers. proms and just being together 
there are only more to come. My FAV BoYS~> you know who you are! You 
guys are the best, thanks for all the memories and ions of laughs. FH chicks 
wow so many memories that I will always remember with you girls. To 
everyone who has been a part of this experience love you *Our memories of 
yesterday will last a lifetime. We'll take the best, forget the rest and someday 
we'll find these are the best of times.* 

I would like to point out my close friends, MA, MB, DL, JS, JS SB, JB CM, 
RH. SJ, JG, MJ, PB, MF, AM and KF, didn't forget about you Frong. The Happy 
Shack, the best times I had was there with my friends. All the times we went 
even if it was snowing raining too cold too hot no matter what we had a fun 
time together and I will never forget that. All the times huddling round tiny 
heaters and a 13 inch TV watching Fear and loathing in Las Vegas having fun 
on winter and summer weekends. Like to say thank you to my family for being 
there. Walking to the football games freshman year. And any time that I didn't 
mention but still remember. 





Hey 2 *BF4L* Ness, Meg, Krissy, Snix, Mastro, Bee, KLo, Elle, Rappa, MB, 
JL, If I 4got ya Sry & im guna miss u!! Love Ya Stevie xo <3, Thanx Mom 
& Dad, *2 REMEMBER: Ness: Bertha & Agatha, Watermelon, "Quick get 
the trophy", Tellin Ella, Ride Home, Scanner, Diddle... KLo: Breakfast club, 
Wildcat, Hey Baby, Beach... Meg: Wildcat, KSwiss... Mastro: MI-TE-IO, 
Diddle, backin it up.. .Stan: wearin my Pajama pants... Corey: movie seat... 
*Summa school, football games, dances, rallies, parties, powder puff, spirit 
days, Fids class, Break Ups, Beetlejuice (Bee), Jr. Prom, Whip Cream (Stevie), 
I wanna b Rappa, Beach, The Pouch (Elle, Meg, Snix) *FORGETS: Fights, The 
Beast... *Thank U 2 all my grls 4 helping me out wit stuff.. You guys r the 
best!! Peace Out 

Thanks to my mom and sisters for always supporting me in whatever I 
decided to do, and to my friends thanks for all the good times, always 
gave me a good reason to come to school. Greg and Zack, always 
remember late night food runs, the guy in the plate, hardcore darts, 
hourly pre-gamin at Mitzan's, our destructive nights, summer 03' 
Hampton trips, torn petty, and the CC. Papa GinoS chicken will never 
be forgotten. G-Unit. The Zack Posse, always keep it real. To the D- 
Man, early McDonalds runs were always worth it. Road trips to Canada 
and the lake will happen sometime.... Soccer 03' Thanks for making the 
best guys #9. Card games always a good time, LR-Thanks for always 
being there for me. Ill miss everybody, CLASS 2004.... as some random 
person once told me and Greg, "Cheers" 

First, my friends and you know who you are, thank you ALL, cause the 
list goes too far. From the parking lot to school, then to whatever, to 
always having something to do, despite the weather. Filling backpacks, 
relaxing at the Happy Shack, Taking it with us everywhere like to Maine 
and back. Going to parties, maybe gaffing a lighter, hoping that this one 
might be an all nighter. Nicknames — big games, even my broken wrist, 
I'll remember everything, even reading the attendance list. Having luck 
run out when you know there's new days, Breaking all my phones and 
Nextel two ways. I could go on, on and on and randomly thank you. 
Instead I'll leave it with, FAMILY THANK YOU. 



Charlie Lojek 

Chuk, C-Bear 


4 : ::: : 



Hey to all my Buddys. Mom & Dad thanks for all your support. To the Football 
team: Best times of my life, I'll always remember you guys. Thanks for all 
the memories. The boys. TownPark. Muphs Truk. The Shed. Porcelain 
snowball. Meredith, I'll never meet another girl like you. ily. Dan/Jay buds 
for life, always here for you guys. Erin+Emmapie, love you both. But anyways. 
High school was a hell of a time. I'll miss the class of 2004. 

Ken Luongo 


Matthew MacEachern 



First thing I would like to say is thanks to all the football, wrestling, and baseball 
teams. 2002 football season was an incredible time I'll miss you guys. And to 
the baseball team I'm gonna miss you guys; it was great playing all through 
the years with everyone. And thanks to the teachers for giving me help when 
I needed it. I really appreciate it. To all my friends thanks for all the memories, 
you guys kept the great times rolling all through high school. I'm gonna miss 
everyone next year. I'll never forget the crazy stuff that we did. or ever know 
why we did it. Crazy times: Motel 6. ninja suit. CVS. football on the commons. 
zeke. laser tag, bon fire, dance offs and the list continues. 

Thanks to: Mom, Dad. Dave, Monie. Trevor, and Luke. Remember: Big Dust. 
Jean Jacket. That "70s Show, Golf Party (Ching Ching Ching!). Golf, Jordan 
always adding a certain "flavor". Badness, after-golf Burger King stops, 
"Senor Renfield" (Vinny!) The Grand Prix. Buckaru, The Dead Giveaways, 
"Ladies and Gentlemen: Joe Moffatt!" Awww Pick, Big Gents, Mr. Carr, Mr. 
Hackett. The Red Sox. Hating the Yankees, Patriots 2001 Super Bowl 
Champs, Jootsin and all the cousins, and of course "Leah Bomb", Audiovent. 
Incubus. Taken By Infinity, Classic Rock especially Zeppelin, eye surgeries. 
Nana. Freshman baseball team. Chip burgers and circle pizza. Good luck to 
everyone in 2004. 


Soocer, Winter/Spring Track was awesome!! Thanks to all the guys on those 
teams for making it so good. Good luck next year everyone. 

To my family: Mamma, Papa, Angela & Gabriella- thanx 4 evrythng <3scum 
to all my friends thanx 4 the all memories we made: Frosh- it all began, NY 
Art, Per. 1WH, Razzel Dazzel F-ball, K8E sandwich, Dances, H.P. Fans, Spirit 
WK, SophBBall- J.E. K.R. "runnin thru the hall of my h.s" "yeah", Summer 
03, Superfans, Grecoe English. Jr.Prom memories V-ball grls "domination", 
BballGrls- NY boot camp, Shot, Josh, Ms. Katie- HB my other Vz bam!, K8E- 
summer walks, Ally-Bday Buddy, Shan-GDII, Kerry-"Lynn", Tiff-A&P 
bonding table, AMANDUH! Rach-thx 4 scar, Scott-DriveThru Buddy, Jill- 
house parties Dennis-massages, Daves-hugs & Italianess, Mariss, Jen, Quad- 
Meliss, Ina, Kat, Chirsta, Boys-Kev, Steve, Al, Jared, Tim BFF BC #1 Fan 
promise, "Papers may crumble, pictures may fade, but I'll never 4get the 
friends that I've made" 

Mom Dad Mike Paul-love you-Staci Denise Annette Lauren Casey-<3 

Never Foget: Frsh Yr. Desert Nicks Van Caseys Shed Jimbos Proms Holiday 
Law town Uptown Brads Thanksgiving(stace) Alt DEBBIE Smooth buddys 
always tran- 

Forgets: 3/21/03 R.I. P. Silverwhip... peace outta here! 

Ma Daddy PAT Ryan Krysten Brendan Katie Zack-I love you"Big Much"!my 
girls thank u so much.Late night crew-Denise Liane Staci Annette Casey I 
couldn't have made it w/o yaz-Always here!Remember:Partys 
Jimbos, brads, whales, lawtown,goddings, hoots 
sherms,carlsons,dens)Kylel43,vacation w/Denise!Hanging w/ my boys doin 
what we do best-MIKE ERIC KEVIN,poolside, frosh yr,biggar ave.Hallow- 
een.NEW YEARS 03-04, road trips 2 Springfield, DEBBIE(& her 
FUNKS),PromsJR&SR02-03-04! DAVE D :)*Den-Thank you for always 
being there!Anthony Tomasi-12/15/01-So many goodtimes-My true 
Iove*from the first kisses to the very last rose*I LOVE YA MUG*Thanks 
for it all baby boy! Kelli-your betta than that! Forgets: Annette's crash, 



TI never thought this would go by so fast. Thanks to my great friends-love 
you guys! Rachel and Charlene. my best friends, you've been awesome to me 
the past four years. Always remember the party, cvs, parking lots, staying out 
late, haha...Good Times! Brynna, remember junior year! Driving around and 
laughing at everything, our emaciated and obeast discussions-we've had some 
funny convos! Amy, my "B" buddy! We were science geniuses weren't we? 
I will always remember how to do the "chicken" dance! Thank you to the 
teachers who have inspired me to want to learn and accomplish. Dad, Mom, 
Keith. Kevin-thanks for being so good to me and helping me when I needed 
it. Hey butterfly, open up your weary eyes And realize it's a trip we're taking 
And the world will turn around again And your shattered heart is gonna mend 
In the end... 

Mom, Dad, & Christine thanks for everything over the past 4 years, I love 
you. Quad - Christina, Christa, Kat, thanks for always being there. So many 
memories: Cape, Florida '04, concerts, the plan, and many more to come. 
Superfans :) thanks for the laughs and all the good times - bball, beach trips, 
scavenger hunts, karaoke, water balloon fights, and tons more. Always 
remember: Track (G + B winter & spring teams, my twin, track... woo!) Cross 
Country (Krispe Kreme, Honda rides, Tp'n,) Summer '03, dances, prom, 
spirit days, lunches, SF '04, my anti buddy, quad <3, and all my friends... "It's 
been real, It's been fun. It's been real fun". 

Amanda Martiniello 

Lisa Martiniello 

Lis, Lees Lees, Lacie 

To my friends and family, thank you for making my four years in high school 
the best. I've had so many memories that I will never forget, and will always 
cherish. Girls' soccer, CAL CHAMPS forever. To my Super Fans, thanks 
for always being there for me, you all deserve the best. 

"It's been real. It's been fun. It's been real fun." 

Thanks 2: Mom. Dad. Bri. Ad-luv you, thanx for ur support.-CrazyGirls: 
Janelle-luv ya tons all thru h.s PEAS & CARROTS, GR-always my grl. JS, JA, 
KS, SB. KF. KV, KB, AS. LR. AM. CS..Boys: M.A.-6/29 luv ya, thanx 4 
everything,CM-like my bro. MC-hero, JG. MB, AM, JS, RL, MP, LZ, DL. JM, 
GI. WW, SB, ZM, BL, KS-neighbors 41yfe, Memories:*HappyShack* 
KostasKrew. Offense, Tuna, Leo's. Hiltz's, Prom 2003-2004, Dances, 
Tahoe. Christenin, Scars, Summa '02'03, Cape, Maine. Jord's Boat, Hiltz's, 
Tent sleepova, Ignition, Sleepouts. 4th July. Random calls, places & people. 
Car Rides.The List. ThePromise-J.B. J.A. G.R. WatweDo4A? Wes', Huppa's 
Fire, Kidnappn, Good 'ol Cougar, BeachDays. Ihop at 3am, G's Bash. Xstina's. 
Costume Party Remember all those crazy nights, best memories ever. Good 
Luck 2 everyone in the future. 


Michelle Mastropietro 

Mastro, Tank 

Adam McCauley 

Mom and dad - cant thank you enough. I wouldn't be here without you. You 
gave me the world and more. Mike - you are always there for me and I kno 
I can always count on you. Thanx for being a good brother. Nan - OH NAN! 
You're all I got left! Im glad we are so close! Babe - my angel, your everything 
to me our hearts are one forever to be! Niff - you were always there 4me 
through thick and thin always you were there being my best friend. Ness - my 
dogga. You are my favorite person. You are one of a kind!. Teretz, Forces, 
and fatattacks. Love you all! Forgets - S.B,3/23/03,8/27/03, SNOBS. Remem- 
ber-Buff. SLT, jackrabbit, Halloween-02, Beep,MAC, the few select teachers- 
Ms. McNeely. Ms. Desberg. Ms. Haines, and Mr. Lynch- thanks for every- 
thing! 9/1 1/01. Grampie. Nana. Keoni. and Charlene -LOST BUT NEVER 

Chris McGrath 

Bloods, MCGRATH 

Jared Miller 

5 O Paintball Ml 6, Mud Old Airport, Donchin's, All the other great times 
And to all the people who made it happen 

Thanks everybody for a great 4 years. Thanks Mom, Dad, John, and Devin. 
Football- interesting but fun times. Track- SG, BS, KC, MM, MM, EP, TC, 
DC, DR, already graduated classes and others, great times and I'll miss running 
with you. Superfans, Kru and others- Great times during the summer of '03: 
Boys vs. Girls, water balloons, hygiene products, doing the same stuff every 
night, bball, ping pong, Quad, Quad II (BL, DC, MK), BBQs, Je suis une petite 
fleur, Prom, pools, pillow polo, Steve Diddy, Red Sox nights, night games at 
WHS, and who could forget Tim. Katherine- Thank you for always being there 
for me. You made my time in high school that much better. Dave- Crazy, 
inexplicable times. To everyone else: Good Luck. It's been real, it's been fun, 
it's been real fun. 


Travis Mills 

Zachary Mitzan 

Thankyou: Mom, Dad and Ari for helping me through all my life. Da Crew "We're 
loyal like brothers, just us vs. all the others." Thanks for all the fun times 
throughout the years. Witches Woods, CVS and the 'Big Arrest', Doug's 
basement show, Breakin' the fast with Uncle Joe and the Bum mafia, Laser Tag, 
Summers Eve, MB, Krispy Kremes, Pickles + Air horns = a good time, Double 
Dutch Bus . Bubb Rubb, Family Guy, APs Basement Pits, Zeke and Mack, Insulin 
Man, "There' s a pair that would beat any full house" — Frong, Bangkok, "that's the 
key", "I LOVE BMAC" — AP, "Maybe this could be used as a jump rope" — 7 lh 
period study, ghetto blaster 2K3 in Rockingham, Double Gulp, tequitos, rollertard. 
To all of my classmates have an excellent and successful life. 


Joseph Moff att 

Derek Montalto 

Thank you to my family... Mom,Dad, Mike, Alex... big ups to all my friends 
and the hockey and baseball teams... "Submarine Sally" ... "Team Dumb" haha 
Silva. . . "All you can eat Papa Gino' s and snowman huntin' with the hockey team" 
... LK-Superfan! ...too many good times to list... "These are the greatest times 
of our lives." 





Mom Dad Deb-love u sister only 3 yrs left HAHA! Gabby Joanna Oscar-love you. 
Lauren Liane Stace Annette Case-<3 BFF*always*The dipen crew-good 
times.Guys- DD TD DS NB DH CO MS SP My buddy Mikey- KT ER DD SG CL 
DH JC JC <3MORTY<3 my true love..girlies-KB LN ED SH AD CL ..Alyssa my 
sister at heart.I love u hunny [Remember- nicks shed frshyr jimbos brads law-town 
proms(jr02jr03snr03)van 6flags uptown sesh. alt Desert, the buggie-fish 
bo wl<3Derek- we've been through alot, ill always be here. I Love You "RL"<3 
RIP SILVERWHIP 3/21/03.. Peace outta here! 

The Best years of our lives? You decide! Thank You to my Mom and Dad and 
all of my Brothers for everything. Remember: Cross Country, all the freezing 
meets and all the good times the team had this year! Basketball, being a 
captain, All the Great and Crazy times we went through. Never forget you girls. 
Track. Jenna Freshman year Spanish was the best, and you know why! Chilling 
with Chill Jill! The Outback with Christa. The Great times in the Honda with 
Rachel, Charlene and Katie. Dances, Classes, Parties, Dinners, Sunday 
Movies, All my friends, I'll miss you all so much, all of you have made these 
past four years memorable!! 

Thanks To: Mom Dad Arthur Arlene Daisy Casey Staci Liane Denise Lauren 
DH JC JM JC ER MH KT CM JM JC MG Jimbos, Brads, Jcamm, Goddings, JF, 
Law town, Shed, Southe, Nicks, Hodder, late nights, WPD, DS cookout. Bone, 
DH weekend, New Years, Mariah, Merrimack, LM window, white heat, 
Carlson gatherings, MH grad, DM party, fence climbing, poolside, KB hot tub. 
smashed window, lady dancers, Aria, MB 6/13, rootbeer night, proms 02, 03, 
Amherst, dibo, car lovers, Carr class, Desert, PEACE. Forgets: March 21,03 
R.I.P silver whip 


LC,LB,SZ,AB,AL,MH,ET,MB,JB,JJ,SN.You have all 
made this experience that much easier for me . I feel that I have found what 
I consider to be true friends within all of you . I could never fit all of our good 
times and inside jokes in this small space, we"ll remember them and that's all 
that matters . Thank you to my parents for always being there and for their 
constant love and support. 
Some people who come into your life were meant to leave it . 

I would like to start by saying thank you to Mom, Dad, Shaun, Scott and 
Katie. Thanks also to DC DR SI CR MM CC KC AJ JM DP JO TZ KG SF 
JL MC AK RS KR AF MM RS AM and finally thanks to Rachel, I love you! 
Good times over the years: Summer 2003, new games we invented (Dave 
Steve) Middle School Fridays, Syracuse V. Boston College, trips in my car. 
Thanks for all the memories and many more to come! "It's been real it's 
been fun, it's been real fun" 

Let me start off by going ALL IN on this write-up... Remember the time I 
demolished DN in chess in 2mins...and those days of early dismissal after B lunch 
rumors... so true, so true, yet so false every time... and of course who can forget 
Tennis (the choice of the greats... BK. LA. DC) and the infamous T formation 
(made famous by the league's best lobbers) that was put into effect every doubles 
match imaginable to the chagrin of the Tennis World... To Joseph... never forget 
that bird that left you such a pleasant gift on that fateful parade... DC "I loathe 
sloth"... But lets get serious... Thank you to all my family, friends, and teachers 
who have played such an integral part in my life. 
"The test of courage comes when we are in the minority; 

the test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority." R.S. 

I would like to say thank you to my mom and dad for believing in me for all 
these years. I also want to say thanks to my sister, brother and cousins for 
being there when I needed help. Remember: The great times with my friends 
CM, RS, RO, GD, JL, JG, BK, DD, LA, SC, CN, WW (Big Sini). Halloween 03'. 
Playing chess with Ng during lunch. Break Dancing at the pep rally and during 
lunch. The Break Dancing Club during freshmen and sophomore year (Best 
club ever). Teaching Eric and Southey to break dance. Great times during 
wrestling season. Good Luck to the wrestling team! 



Thanx Mom, Dad for all that you've done for me.Mom I love you, you've 
always been there for me.My bro John.I love my girls:Bigsis Megsta, Shippe- 
boston mem. long talks and sleepovers, lovely Bee FoShizzle,Squirly 
Klo,L7Sclub,zitinights, creepin, chicabonita JJ, krissyl43,Wes,crab 
rangoonsFlynn,Pett.xox,Bri rebel, Marie drivin,livin, secrets, KitKat, baby 
Leanne.Checo my girl,Drea,A.B,K.J, MDawg,Pitz,OB,kel,A.G,Joyce luvya, 
A.L it's dark! SAM.A.P anytime, thats the key, Scammon, Stan 
DAman,MBcrew Had great memories and more to come. Late night 
drivin,Hampton02,03,hotel luvin,hermies,Oh snapKangol, Prom,limo, 99' s, 
Mr. Barry's classes w/paris and colin thanx,Fball games, Ship+klo the pole,Bec 
and latenight beef,Point blank period llivin to the fullest and havin fun. Thanx 
to all my friends you made my years the best 

I want to thank my family and friends for being there for me through all the 
good times and bad times. I will never forget all the memories I shared with 
my friends during the last four years, you know who you are... I love you guys! 
"When there is no one else look inside yourself, like your oldest friend just 
trust the voice within, then you'll find the strength that will guide your way, 
you'll learn to begin to trust the voice within"... "Life is a journey, it can take 
you anywhere you choose to go, as long as you're learning you'll find all you 
need to know, be strong, hold on, you'll make it, just don't forsake it because 
no one can tell you what you can't do, no one can stop you." 
Christina Aguilera. 

Thanks Mom Dad Lau Em Lynne & Friends: Love You! Remember: PP 
Champs, LSOH&CB, Piano&Chorus, Charades, "Jesus so sad", HPFans, 
Wkfld Lake, Karaoke, Bio w/TIJ, DNotes, Bissell Fr. w/Tiff Shelby&Belinda, 
StoddyBandits, Jr.Prom w/ Travolta, Homecoming w/JB (SI=BHP), D&D 
Bday Poem, Rapping w/KG, Mr T!, "Staci Beep!", Shaannon, MrsR&Bachelor, 
Katie- Smelly Erics B Saha&Hats SHAKA, Lauren- SugarBear MB20 "Namon 
Me One Person", DonSuave-The Sign&Paparazzi Ed, Momma, 
Marissa&Dinja, Kru, Looove Toasted Almond UFO&Easter w/Jon- Thanks 
for the Smiles : ) Summer '03 w/Superfans: DC KC CC SF AF AG KG SI KJ 
EM MM AM JM KN JO DP DR CR KR RS TT TZ: Cookouts, Food Fight, 
Tim, G.vs.G., Softball, Beach, Girls Night, SB&Clogger, Fireworks, Pool 
House.. It's been real, It's been fun, It's been real fun 




Hey Class of 2004! We made it! I wanna say thanx 2 all my friends 4 bein 
there 4 me all the time especially 2 the 2 most important men in my life. 
Vinny. my best friend 4 life, I luv u Vin. I'll always be there 4 u. UT1 always 
be my 1 & only bro. To Ryan: thanx so much 4 being there 4 me this whole 
time & I kno you'll be there for the rest of the times. I LOVE YOU to death 
Ry and I hope we'll always be 2gether. 2 band pple I luv u guys: thanx 4 all 
the good trips- Disney, ski trips, all our camps 2gether, & any "'future" trips 
we may have. To every 1: good luck in everythin u do afta high skewl & hope 
to see many of u. Thanx 2 my family 4 supportin me thru everythin. Thanx 
Liz 4 bein such a good hi sis. Thanx 2 Ana 4 our random sleepovas & her advice 
on & thanx to every 1 @ WHS 4 everythin! 

David Paris 

Dave, Davex P, Paris 

Andrew Parshley 

Thanks everybody for making high school great. Thanks Mom. Dad, Melissa 
(449). Kevin and Jen 4 even thing. Things I will miss: WHS football some of the 
best times are on the field, wrestling give it all and never give up. Superfans 04. 
Tim. hanging with friends, football with the boys. War of the Sexes, trampoline 
fights, water balloons. CR. JO. JM. AP\ TZ*. CC. KC and AM house's, scavenger 
hunts. Dave heater talk, watching movies, prom, beach, basketball, softball. 
dances. Paris trip. Quebec tnp. my truck J. Jared great times would never take it 
back, six flags (the mysteries monkey avenger). To every one else that had a part 
in the best four years of m\ life It's been real, it's been fun. it's been real fun 

Thanx to the crew for all the memories lazer tag, summers eve. basement 
pits, a lot of awesome concerts dashboard, warped tour and many more, and 
always having a good time. Thanx to any one else who was there for me 
meggo. matt, difada. snix. zullo, montalto, the MB fam. and anyone else 
sony I left you out, Thanx specially to my fam. mom dad and sis for all 
their help and love, now random stuff taint, lumber jack Joe. bmac, Luke. 
CVS football, random road trips, Arizona, banana phone, skunk guy. 
pickles, family guy. B. 




Mom Dad Danny Jesse Love You&Thank You for Everything! Dan-My Pal 
FoReveR. Jillian- My BestFriend Romey&Michelle ShiBBY hotfries Bernie 
Mk&A Gimpy MrT Milkshake heLLLO BritneyFan. "When u need somel u just 
turn around and I will be there" Luv ya! Kris- Craazy worries we are the SaMe the 
"best " friend mall rats B- fans no rushn! Lauren- Calm Cush nervous Jen simards 
puddin spy beach SiLly. L.C K.C angry nite thanks4 everything! Mike K- ?game 
blush... (J.A., K.S, L.K, J.B, L.M, G.R, J.O good times ladies!) 
"It's time that I learned to face up to this on my own". 

To Remember: Mom, Dad, Paul, Pam, Louis, Nana, My bro Mike, Rick, Erin, 
Katie, Mike 1-3-02, Corey BFF, MH, LC, BR, SP, SG, SP, AG, LB, JS, AM, 
SN, MF, DS, AM, BS, MB, KD, MS, JL, JJ, JB, DP, DT, KV, BP, VS, KO, MG, 
PW, JC, KW, JG, SD, KK, AL, PV, everyone else, Hampton, Old Orchard, 
Kings and Queens, Party s, Snixs halloween, Pettigrews party's Jr. Prom, All 
the inside jokes, The Campsite, Crackers, Topsfield Fair 02703', 10-31-03, 
Sears. Football games, NR, NH, DE, DeCordova, Expressions, 4 lh of July, Tiny 
dancer, Camp w/cor, Tubquale,4:30am, P-B?, S.M?, Split, Mongrul, Lucci's/ 
Elias, Summa nights, P-B-G?, dances, FJF's/CN's, driving around, walking 
when we couldn't drive, all my close friends, All the memories. To Forget: 
ISS, Bad Times, Mix up's w/ the Po. Future Ambition: To live life to the 
fullest, be happy, and regret nothing. Good Luck to everyone. 

Thanks to my family-mom and dad, thanks for helping me through it all, to 
my friends JC-j rock, KO-obie, AG-ames, MG-maddawg, JF-whu? j-ulo, ME- 
mel, KK-KLoWood Core!, SH-SLAVA!!(yow), RO-the general. LR-neigh- 
bors 4 lyf, GD-g money, RS-southey-makin movies, MB-HeRsH, JE, WF, DH- 
DUC!, DN-break dancin, Cl-baths in biotech, BR-white trash and every 1 else 
you all made high school awesome, the boys and girls soccer team-soccer 
dinners tp'in the boot! little girls foosball, winter track-snow wars & spring 
track. Ski trips&Btown trips (Newbury+Cndm World), i love my soccer 
cheerleaders, awesome summers&fri/sat nites, was that my cell phone? 
Fardy's anat class-ellis? vroom, proms, maddis red eyes?, the makeover, yes 
my son, pdiddlediddle?? spiritweek-sumo. No regrets never forget party up! 

Well, We are finally out of here. What a time I had. Thanks to everyone that 
has helped me out over the last long 4 years of High School. I loved all those 
fun times at my pool parties. I defiantly have to put Strings in here, the trips 
were amazing. Thank you Mr. Dilmore. Thank you to MS(I Love Boston). 
SP, SN, SG(way too many of us), JL, MH, JC, EP, MC, CI(dance class), 
KK(thanks for all the boys), MB(trips to Boston), MF, BR, KO, MG, DS(In- 
school babysitter), AM(Band Practice was fun), AG, BS, DH, CC(can you find 
your way home?), JL, AL, MH, LB, RS, SP, SD, VS, LC(Is that Sandra Bullock? 
Is that Hugh Grant?). Thank you to the teachers, family, and the friends, you 
made it all worth it. 


I would like to thank Mom, Dad. Megan. Matthew, for everything. Also to 
all my friends. Summers with Sliver Platters, the Chiefs and breakout, 
hockey... It's all worth it in the end, Winnipesaukee with Irv. roller coaster, 
and that black diamond. Baseball was great minus a few things. Snowboarding. 
Eddie Bauer/Lids. Skating at Joe's house, fcs, Halloween 03, aww pic, Canada. 
Ashley thanks for evervthing. 2 manv fun times 2 write them all down. 

Rachel Pierce 

Danielle Pitman 

Thank you to my Mom. Dad and Collette. My best friends Charlene and Katie 
we've had so many memories and I know there will be lots more to come ! Partying 
in Marshfield. . .and I know there will be a lot more on grad week! All my teachers 
have taught me so much, speak-up. photo, me and Char in Mr. Fardy's anatomy 
class. . .yea! My friends have made these past few years so much easier for me and 
I hope I did the same. Good luck to everyone in everything you do. "Celebrate we 
will because life is short but sweet for certain..." 

I want to thank my Mom for being my friend in all of the good and bad times. 
Dad for being my big brother and a good helper when in need, Justin for being 
my best friend, boyfriend, and a special part of my life and Kerry for being 
a great cousin and a sister that I never had. To all my friends. J.J. K.W. A.L. 
L.B. J.B. I will never forget those memories, love you all. 


Thanks Mom, Dad, Kir-bomb & Mike-love you guys, Ash thanks for all the good 
times love you, bball, Celtics games, Italy Cava- 1 1 & 1 2 Andy- 1 29, bildungsroman, 
"...and it was such a simple question", ...buckets of milk..., the graveyard, 
"game", nite we saved Wilmington MK-"hey kev," laugh, walkin to BC, THIS 
GATE IS WELDED SHUT, stupid stories, BK, 38 D. Ro-handshake Rappa=CS, 
photo, physics getting the baseball Silva-same shirts Niko-only sane people, 
always here White Water Raftin' crew, junior/senior prom Chris-best cuz, 
buddies . . . definitely forgot a ton of stuff but good luck to everyone. See ya around. 

Mom Dad Joey- I love you u helped me through so much thank you. LG my 
sister thanx! LK-wind beneath my wings, could have never done it w/out you, 
we finally did it love you gurl. My true gurls: LM/CS/JS/JB/KB/KF-so much 
love always. Shack Boys: MA/MB/RH/JS/RL/DL/PB/AM/SJ-neva change, so 
many crazy times, love u boys! Hiltzs crew, sum of the best pple in this world, 
<3yas! VBALL gurls, 4 years, gonna miss all of u-CHEESE! N/F: Happy Shack, 
JR/SRproms, "the promise", Rippas® My house, Leos, Hiltzs, Zacks, Mikes 
n Wes', Gettin caught, State hockey game (frosh year, MS), snowdays, Lowell 
crew-wamp, Fires, MV '03', NewYearsEves, Club nites, Woodbriar "sketchy 
business", late nite adventures, Gurls nite '02', Summer Crew-SS/SL/PW/NF/ 
DC, Costume party '03', b4 school (JG) We was young, and we was dumb but 
we had heart! 

Hey Whats up to everyone. I wanna say thanks to everyone that's helped me 
especially KB, Thanks spanky. Oh the memories: J-rods, Log Joint, Whitneys, 
Mamirons, Apt., hockey, Gillette, chillen with the Trio, Dipen crew MH KT 
DM LM. MC for 2 Vi years. Whats up Boys: KB BM MR MH KT ZW SB AC 

AD LR BI KH NM TI. Never forget these good years PEACE. 


Lauren Rappoli 


Kathryn Riley 

REMEMBER: Mom, Dad, Ry, Mark, & Jenn -Thanks for even-thing 
Love You All! Kates, Nicky, Bri, Greg, Jord-Best times with all of u. 
Thanks Guvs! CK-BFFF 93210, Doors, Hero! G.I. Jr. Prom w/Jord. Bri- 
TP Rebels- MK#2 G'Times! E.T.&B.D- Dave C #12-4-Life(KC2),3 rd 
Grade,Math! Kev-Photo(JR2),CS! TextTwist! KB YeahYeah, CampFire at 
HC, Soccer Girls&Boys-Best times w/u! Sleepovers,Dinners, Al-Car 
ride chats, KatieR-BF's, HUGE scissors! JRipp, Michelle Rapp-Love U 
Cuz! MC-HUGE, LM&JB-mentos, KM&CM-Keep Runnin, Lil One, 
Mello, Cush-so many memories! Fidz Class-JL, Silberger, Ms.Nowak! 
ACTrVTTIES: Varsity Soccer, B-ball, Softball 1-4. S-ball CAL CHAMPS 
4 Yrs, Soccer CAL CHAMPS 03! All of my friends-Thanx 4 the memories 
To mv Fam-Couldn't have made it w/o vou! CLASS OF "04", We're OUT 

Thanks to my family & friends for everything. Remember: FroshBio, F&N, 
Ace. VdayDance. PPChamps, SophBball-EM&JE-runningThruTheHallsOfHs. 
Jr.Prom. Vball & Tengirls. Track. WakefldLake. FREAK. CcakeF. FrClass, 
FLAlaughs. Guidance. FIPFans. K8eSwiches, RRNewport, HF. RealityTV, 
Homecoming. Summer03' GirlsVs.Guys *SuperFans* the girls-S Squad7. Quad, 
the guys. Ally-GrlsJustWannaHaveFun. Dennis-(cnafm,l/2chipburger) GFN- 
BWhite. '"intelligent" K8-walking pals. Ms.Elisa-(my otherl/2). Mwa. 
AmandaKAlan. CarRides w/ Rach-Pretty Face, Smelly Jill. S toddy Bandits. 
Eric, Mariss-monowoman. LR. BF, HUGE Scissors, Lau, SG. "SI" & so much 
more, thank you. "I've learned that things change, people change, and it 
doesn't mean you forget the past, it simply means treasure the memories." 
AF-"the Best is Readv to Begin" 

Jacqueline Robarge 

"Jackrat ". Jackie 

Dennis Robillard 

Robie. D Ro 

Thanks Mom Dad & Danielle for always being there. Tom & Meg for always 
making me laugh ~ I love you. Joey for everything! SMILE(6343) My girls always 
tons of fun. My boys-no one could ever compare! Kara-my best through even- 
thing, thank you for always being there, tons of fun times. FH girls it's been a fun 
4 years. ..It just NEVA ends! N/F: one-\va\ . reflectors, rides in Betty. HQ nites(cac), 
princess(kel ). "fly away"-kel. "women pengyau," spice girls. Old 
Orchard(OOBME). Dave's house, proms, after prom-king cafua! Random rides, 
parties, courtyard, Football games(my #3). FH states. Forget: the drama 


Thanks to my family and friends for everything Superfan '04 you guys are the 
best friends... anyone could ask for, the Guy Quad- Dave (the Real thing). Steve- 
O, Kev-Nev...*Katie* (CNAFM. chipburger) C-brain-the last one dropped off. 
Tramp-the sign, Davey P. SHA-FA. Tiffy-whale sounds. Millatime. the quad. 
Al the handshake man, Katie J, Kern, Rach-fist, Elisa-the expert masseuse. 
BFFFF, K.Pizz. "Todd", the best Jr. Prom Date ever. EMILY!. Tim 
TESSNOOOW. the patent man and wife. Flynn household. Soccer 00-03. best 
time ever, dinners. Summer '03. boys v. girls, anatomy. . French. FREAK. 
Man's house, Jr. Prom. Homecoming. Guidance Gang. "Anything you want 
to do. do it. Want to change the world? There's nothing to it."- Willy 
Wonka... its been real, its been fun. its been real fun 


: *.v 


So much to remember, no regrets. Senior year, skip days w/Mai, Satin and Nikki, 
Blaine, Porchside, do it up, Summer 2003, Which father fairy godchild? s.c.+pink 
lemonade the drink of champions, MB softball, Bruins, Red Sox, street hockey, 
Colt 45, Goodtimes, CVS, Polar, hotel parties, strings(stand buddies for life 
Ames), soccer, pep rallies, throwbacks, the MB crew- PC LG KF BF AP AN TM 
SG ES VS SD EL RG KP NR-you guys are the best, to my girls-EL CI KJ SP DS 
DP MF MG MH AG JC AM LB KW LC AL-thanks for having my back, Nikki- 
"Having a sister is like a best friend you can't get rid of, you know whatever you 
do they'll still be there", to my family thank you for putting up w/me. Always 
remember. . . "A memory lasts forever, never does it die, true friends stay together 
and never say goodbye" 

Thanks Mom, Dad, & Danielle for all your love and support, I love you's. 
*Quad* Melissa, Christa, Katherine- Been through so much together, couldn't 
have done it without ya's- Cape Cod, "playa please," concerts, the plan, 
Florida '04, endless memories, always true. Superfans- unforgettable times- 
Summer '03- Girls: 3, Guys: 1, water balloons, girls night, beach trips, bbq's, 
scavenger hunts, sox parties, softball & bball. Tim- miss you tons. Davey- my 
teddy, bff. Never forget- track days, guys dressing like the quad, "aww Diddy," 
dances, prom, XC '03- Krispee Kreme trips, TP nights, Honda rides, Hockey 
girls- "you gotta want it to win it," gonna miss you's, 5am practices, Martha's 
Vineyard, "your mom." Always laughing- Best four years- Love my friends. 
"It's been real, it's been fun, it's been real fun..." 

Anthony Ruggiero 

Cacey Savini 

* fC A 

U N , : fc i; S I A T F S , 

Thankyou: mom & dad for everything! Ryan you're the best I wouldn't 
trade you for the world- Jay I love you babe- thank you for all the good 
memories- GIRLS! You'v been there for me through everything- I can smell 
the Aruba air from here! 7-3=US- The guys Thanks for the memories D 
HOUSE! Cheerleading: I never thought a team could be as close as we were 
the past three years- Ash and Mich you guys are like sisters to me- luv you girls. 
Keep the BMF alive! Goodtimes: Beautiful Portugal with jay! Then the one 
way street-going bowling and our never ending drives- Reflectors! There aint 
no party like an HQ party(jack)- JR prom/"king Cafua"^-no mistakes the 
king lives on! RT.l with jilla and... our nights with princess-who always falls 
asleep first! Ash sleepovas! Watermelon love-BETTY! women pengyua for 


I want to thank my Mom and Dad for helping me through even thing. Nicole. 
for being more like my best friend than my sister. I love you guys. Friends- 
Stan-o. Tanz. Checo . Elle. Al. Buck. Doug. Stef, Marie, the Locke fam. Kurt. 
Skinner. Joe. Magecks. Teresa, Shannon. K LO. Jordan. Jones, Pat-o. Becca, 
Nikki B. Cate C. Megan H, Corey M. Pat V. Amanda M. Jess C. Meg B. (Alana. 
9/12/03. you're my wonder-wall) Shows. ESA May 4. 2002 . Restricted and 
crew, football games. B. fest. Avril/Simple Plan concert. Band camp, Cabino 
tres. SENSEI. Poot! Disney 2000. Band members (2000-2008). Pettigrew's 
parties. Hampton beach. Cedar Point Canobie. Water Country, seeing nuns. 
Villi, Drivers Ed (Doml). The Acoustix/Second Season. Eve 6 concert, real 
lunatics ride wit us. Stan's lights, Boston. Big Dust, R.I.P my little Ford Ranger 

First of all. I'd like to thank my Mom. Dad. sister and teachers for helping get 
through high school. Also I'd like to thank my friends, aka Da Crew who always 
know how to have a good time no matter what & just being there for each other. 
"We're loyal, like brothers. Just us. vs all the others" Much love to all my other 
friends whom I couldn't do without. Now this is where you read the random stuff. 
Da Crew(to the MAXX).The Dead Giveaways, pits at AP's, Sanitarium, a concert 
a month, baby cow, RIP FCS. Doug's Infiniti. Summer's Eve, Yellowcard. the 
stupid dog. me crowd surfing at Doug's, rollin' drop top in the snow in my v8 
custom LeBaron. Family Guy. Lazer Tag, MB. the clap. Krispy trips, breakin the 
fast with the BUM Mafia, taint, hey Mickey and banana phone. Thanks for the rime 
of mv life.WOOOOOO!!!YEAH!YEAH! ■ 

First I would like to say thanks to my Mom and Dad for always being there 
for me when I needed it the most from freshman to senior year, I love you 
both. To all of my friends for the great times and many memories that I will 
never forget. From times just hanging out watching movies, scavenger hunts, 
bowling, and more, thank you all: JP(wub. I WIN) JG JW(OH Schell!!) 
JG(slowpoke) KG(showa) AF(Jr. Promi CD JM SF KK(lobster) KC DC(pt) 
KR(oh boo) PR(song) CR RS TZ(Mascot) MM DR AM JL. Soccer Memories: 
80/60/Death drills. Toilet Papering. Soccer Dinners, Brighton game, LS game. 
Dracut game. Come on! Track Memories: 600 and 800, 4x8 Class C champs. 
Masco meet. NA meets, racing Gustin. Spring CAL meet 2003. Run 4 Fun. 
I had great times and I thank you all who were there for me. 






Thanks Mom, Dad, Heather, Vinny and the rest of my family for all of your support 
and love. S SQUAD 7~simply the best love you all KR, TZ, KG, SF, AF, AM. 
Super fans/Summer '03 Never Forget all the great times, and funny memories! 
Girls Soccer 2003 CAL Champs- good times ! "The Tragedy of life is not that it 
ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it." It's been real, it's been fun. . .It's 
been REAL FUN. 

Just yesterday we started here, now we have to start all over somewhere else. 
Think of all the music we made this year and all the shows we loved. Remember 
all the places we've been and the stupid things we've done. Don't leave behind 
memories, bring along your friends to make new memories. Hands down these 
are the best days I'll ever remember." ~ Erin never settle for less babe... your 
awesome I love you. We will always have Donchins or well Fidlers. How many 
lunches can we take in one day? Cullen our projects were late but breakfast 
was good! -Hey Future, Here we come. Its not that were not ready for you 
its that your not ready for us Its been fun but were finally out. 

Jacq, we WILL make it together! I LOVE you with ALL my He ART MeG I 
LOVE u like my SISTER. Green aPPLe. SniX u been there thru it ALL. Foxy 
Lady.SilVer. BeCCa Crazy, Tru Bud 4 eva xo RaZZ MaStro- my otha 1/2 
CaFFe + Britney. Snips romantic lunches and adventures! Pett- Don't even 
nO what 2 say. 2Much everything! ;) bananda- our lil CHATS, parties, Lol 
143 BiG LaU ALWAYS there. I got that BoOm,BoOm! MY GRLZ U HAVE 
STUCK BY ME LOVE U Sweet Memories, Hampton, Ice , North end lunches, 
PuCkEr, BeaNtoWn FuN!! Mikey- thanks for bein there forme! * 1-21-04 
143 BR* What's meant to be will be. Jeannette, THANK YOU, LOVE U 
Daddy, Mom, Gram, Pup, Nana, THANKS, Mr. M - Can't thank u enough. 
I called, u came. *SHELL 

To my family, thanks for everything. 

And to all my friends, HERE'S TO GOOD TIMES. 



Thank you Mom. Dad, and Laura for being supportive-I love you. To Kara+Nicole: 
thanks for showing me what real best friends are-I'll never forget the parties, 
sleepovers. driving around just having fun-I love you -can't wait for Miami! Kev- 
thanks for being a great friend. .Niko-love you! Thanks for always being there. 
Bere-my fav foreigner.. EG SB AD MC JS-Love you guys. .To my FH girls:the past 
4 yrs were amazing! Masta P. QUAD, Making States. .thanks for the 
memories. .Football games, proms, parties, ski trip '01. Maine, Celtics games and 
everything else has been a blast. Thanx to everyone who has made the past 4 yrs 
so incredible. .May the wind be always at your back, and the sun upon your face, 
and may the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars. 

To all my friends, Dil and Jared, thanks for being my best friends since I moved 
to Wilmington. Mally, my favorite gal-pal, thanks for being my other half 
since the day I met you. Tanz and Vinny, you guys are great, by far the best 
bandmates I could ask for. Jill, thanks for expanding my tastes in music, 
hopefully I've done the same to you. Hey Square Root, when are we going 
bowling? To all the rest of my friends, I leave you this quote from Freebird...'Tf 
I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me? For I must be traveling 
on now, because there's too many places I've got to see. But if I stayed here 
with you. things just couldn't be the same. Because I'm as free as a bird now, 
and this bird, you cannot change." 

Thanks for all your love and support Ma & Da, Tommy, Matt, & Diane. My 
best friends Rachel & Katie. many good times!! Teresa. Brynna, Amy... fun 
times! Movie friends. ..Sunday night movies. all you guys! many awesome times and much more partying to come 
on grad week...wooohooo!! Always remember fun times in Strings 
class. ..Quebec! Mr. Ferguson's aqua class, blue & white day "03", me and Rach 
in Mr. Fardys Anatomy class. ..ya! I'm going to miss all my friends and 
teachers. Good Luck to everyone in everything you do! 

My family. Mom, Dad, Mikey, Maggie and Frank Thank you for everything! 
You have been there for me through it all. MR. my WB <3 a+f thank you for 
everything! My friends countless good times and memories, good and bad ill 
never forget you have made my four years here unforgettable; frosh hockey 
games, girls night, game room, shower club, stealing stuff (reflectors), one- 
way, MIB, BBHP, Livingston (Bench), Hiltz house, proms, driving around, 
the truck, the appt, Gillette, Dan's shed, IW. fires, and so many more. 
Cheering Girls; Chunk it out, Do it you won't. You know! Softball; sitting spot, 
lets sing, ring ring! Forgets: drama, rumors, February... 




Hey yall thanks for being you and being there for me, thanx family, SP,hello 
peter, icing it up with the snow sk8s, football and b-ball with all the fellas old 

skool style i like big butts and i cannot lie , nunk nunk dank dank, sorry 

to the lady whose car I almost krunked , takin WF and DH to their fist store, 
Noodly half eye brows salute, and the Horse, like a fox, Mitzan man with all 
that whack. Hydrolics with the ninja style tennis, ES is gonna nuke my house 
with his truck, p3nl5 in the hallways,kw-ky, its raining men on the bus, 
communist potato heads on the prowl, my neighbor's a lumberjack, Nevin 
Keville, do the humpty hump due, pas, Al where 's the beard? MC and DS I 
don't know what to say, los saint burgs con funkastic Keecee baby, diamond 
in the back yo, ipymc man, o yeah man Jenga mann,how come no one wants 
to party in this town? love, peace and chicken grease, im out! 

Mom Dad- I love you thank you for all your support & for believing in me. 
Dani Luke Kerri- I love you all. Sar- some things never change- I love you 
& would've never made it w/o you. N/F- 3muskateers, raves, bdays, my gf, 
Getcha Groove On, frosh nites, techies, your bathroom, trailer, 'that nite', 
summers, the Monte, Halloweens, inseparable- Thank you for these years & 
memories-we made it!!! Joe- still my everything, Mary & Jack, unforgettable 
times, I love you. Shack Crew- MA MB AM RH RL JS DL PB SJ- Irreplaceable. 
I love you all so much you boys are the absolute best friends ever -too many 
memories. N/F- Happy Shack-every nite, it never got old. Our 'fieldtrips', 
Jr./Sr Prom, RL 8/29, clubnites-vision & chocolate sauce, fires, the parties, 
all the best times w/the best people ... No Regrets, Just Lessons & Laughs. 

Thanks to the family for everything. Thanks to friends for good times. Good 
luck to everyone in the future... And that brings us to a buncha random stuff. 
Cards, good times around those tables, celts games, Ed, Tech class, Math 
Trifecta, Mario Party parties, Bamberg n the DD dance, Louuu, Lou Boat, 
IHOP, Snugs n the spaghetti, getting lost at Pats parade, Silva breaking himself 
in my driveway, the purple Taurus, Rossi at the football game, Senor Don 
Coxson, the hunt for stoddy, the step, baseball team, MK's clapping, the 
summer of movies with O'Connor, Zullo's huge six flags banana that didn't 
make it home. Forgets: walking to pizza mia?, Cavallaro's movie picks- The 
Pledge, The Hulk- doesn't get any worse than that. 

Mom&Dad-thank you for the unconditional love and support, I love you! 
Mom-could not have made it w/o you. Meemee, Bampi, Heather, Kim! Thank 
you for always being there throughout everything. Dana-wish you the best of 
luck, miss you tons next year. Kara, Meredith, Emily-best friends anyone 
could ask for-always here for you. Kate-miss n love you! Kevin 10/20/02<3 
I Love you<3 *always* Kurtie- best cuz! So proud of you. WWR Crew~MB- 
ED-CL-DH-JC-KS-KP good times! Strings crew-luv ya gurls<3cushy n kris!! 
jimmy rides w/ ry&teresa! GIRLS SOCCER!CAPE ANNE LEAGUE CHAMPS 
03'!-best of times w/ the best of people! "we bust ours... to kick yours" Good 
Luck 04'!!! 


Kurt Steenbruggen 

Eric Steeves 

Thanks Mom Dad Eric Lexi- Hey to the crew never forget "were loyal like brothers, 
just us vs. all the others", hey to the Football Team #25, donkey slaps, ash best cuz' s 
best of luck to you. scams hitting me. snowmobiling -quading. Doug falling off the 
chairlift. 10/3 1/03. great times snowboarding and skiing Winnipesauke. 5o's and 
paintball m-16! ! Getting stuck at the old airport, CVS gang. Breakfast w/ the bum 
mafia, the good times at laser quest, hey Eric nice ford truck, zeke n mac. The Dead 
Giveaways u guys are great, Timmy A at work driving the bobcat "'where you guys 
dance"'. Meeting MIXIME. all the car shows, see everyone lata and good luck!!! 

These past four years have been quite an experience, so far some of the best 
times I can remember. I want to thank my parents and my friends for helping 
me get through it. I couldn't have done it without you all. I will always 
remember the crew, pits at A.P.'s, concerts, good old M.B.. trips to Krispy 
Kreme. football games. The Dead Giveaways, winter track, and all the other 
times that I have not mentioned. Props to Kurt for having the ford truck. 
Thanks to everyone for making this experience a great one. 

Jillian Stira 

Kimberly Strazzere 

Kim. Kimmie 

Mom, Dad & Jess thanks for everything luv ya. Jenna-My Best Friend 
Bigwheels Romy & Michelle Shibby Hotfries Bernie Mk&A Mr.T MilkShake 
HeLLLo Britney Fan '"when u need someone you just turn around & I will be 
there" Luv Ya...Kristen-good times, sat's to bellybuttons!... Lauren-singing 
the monkeys! Luvin my girls ...Marie-My big sis, I luv my new tattoo & 
\>. atershoes, BillieJean. Thanx for being there, Luv ya!...Erin-gOoFy GiRlz 
Beach Buddies LuvYa!...C.C & B.M-outback boyzzz goodtimes...N.G.C.-luv 
all you girlz ur the best. ..Dream Big!....S.G- High Maintenance. Nub, just have 
fun & relax ...G.R-Hermie!... "Its time that I learned to face up to this on 

To all my friends, thank you for being who you are. You made my four years 
at WHS something to remember. So many AWTiSOME memories... Soccer 
Season: got to love the Soccer Girls <3 C.A.L. CHAMPS Baby! Soccer dinners. 
9/14, Kimbo. Cheesecake Factor}', movies, just hanging out, night games. Mr. 
Grecoe. Ms. Peter's class (the famous quotes') lol, gummy bears, prom, tp'in 
and so many more. Also thank you to my Mom. Dad, Stef, Kathleen and Jill 
who have been so supportive of me, I couldn't have done it without you-Love 
vou always. It's been fun! 




Mom and Nana thank you for your love and support through everything, I 
love you with all my heart. Kaitlyn an dAmanda; you guys are the greatest, 
I don't know how I would have got through everything without you. To the 
rest of my family and friends you are the best, I love you all. Grampa and Melis 
you are my angels and I know you are always with me. Always remember new 
experiences and Sponge Bob are the best, no ore scary movies okay guys. To 
my Maniacs, I love ya bunches. Thanks for everything, as ahigh as the skk, 
as deep as the oceans, See Ya Around 

Thanks so much to my family for helping me thru all these years, Mom, Dad, 
Derek, Christie + Jenna, Love you all. Can't believe H.S. is over. Had tons 
of fun, unforgettable parties and friends u kno who u r. Never forget all the 
good times the past 4 years, happy shack, partying, Hiltzs, summers, 
Hampton, 6 flags, Canada, Newport, fires, Boston, Silver Platters, Class of 
'03, Halloween '03, proms, everything. Love all my friends that have made 
these 4 years the best ever. And to my baby, Mark. I love you so much 1- 
2-02, you're my everything. And good luck to everyone no matter what u 
do. Gonna miss u all, but remember all the good times! Thanks for all the 
memories Class of '04! 

Thanx2thefam: Mom~The BEST Friend I have, iloveu! Dad~ iloveu ! thanku 
4 everything. Kyle & Ryan-wouldnt trade u guys 4 anything, my 2 fave guys! 
*ToMyGirls~JA.JR.CS.MS.~the Is that matta most, iloveyou girls more than 
anything, thanku so much 4everything! ARUBA! My other girls~<3yas. 
StringsCrew-many memories, luv u! The boys-good times w/u! 
N.G.~thanku4everythin thruout the past 3 yrs, always*wink* NF: PRIN- 
CESS, Reflectors, random drives, HQ, one ways, BBHP&MIB, horns, Salem, 
HOOCH! "momma-tired"nites, Proms, Worcester trips, Caddy&Betty, 
KripsyKreme, WENDYS, teryaki, cardgames, Piddle, hottubs, Truth&Dare, 
MulletMan, trips, GET LOW, KOSTAS, sneakin out, gettin lost, ROUTE1, 
clubs, girls nite, Ftball-Vball games, Dunkins, Hampton, Pictures, Dances, 
FLA'OO -5/12/02,2/14/01,10/20/03,5/14/04- Forgets: Fights, drama 


Thanks to Mom and Dad for everything. Love you. Whut up to 
Hurzl, Bozo, Just and Chubby, A.M, Z.W, S.B, A.C, E.D, D.L, E.L, 
D.D n Beans. Can't forget the Log Joint, J-Rods, The Apt, Mondos, 
Justins; Lauren, Liane, Denise, "bowlin' the bug" good times. Big 
Murph and Dro Man, thanks for "everything" Forgets: ISS, , all my 
classes -Peeace- 

Memories of mine: times with Jessica, eating watermelon with Eric, Kurt's 
Halloween, summers eve outside the mall, taint! AP's basement pits, injuring each 
other, bananna phone. Joyce's, the BUM mafia, Uncle Joe, Eric and Kurts 
accident, Yellowcard, The Dead Giveaways, baby cow, my basement show, 80' s 
style radio. Insulin, diabetes camp. "'Hey Mickey", CVS. Mack and Zeke. koon. the 
lumina, Ski trips with Kurt, nutball, swimming in Lake Winnipesaukee on 
Christmas eve, road trips to Albany and Brooklyn, the Loyale, Roccos. Thanks to 
my da crew for being there and sharing hella good times and laughs with me. 
"We're loyal, like brothers, just us versus all the others." 

Daniel Travis 

Trav, Tenacious D 

Derek Truiera 


High school is over and now my life began, I entered 
leaving a man, Off to college in pursuit of a dream, 
if you know what I mean. To protect and to serve is 
Being able to pursue my dream. I have no doubt. To 
forget you all. In time of need you helped me stand 
my buds, and all of my pals. And I will never forget 
you for a great four years. Don't cry, but hold back 
this is the beginning and not the end, Until death do 
be friends. Friends for life! 
Peace I'm Out!! 

a boy and I am 
To become an officer 

what it's all about. 

my friends. I'll never 
tall. To my friends, 
all of the gals, I thank 
your tears. Because 
us part we'll always 



Thanks for everything Mom and Dad I love you and I appreciate everything 
you have done for me. Dave thanks for being a huge role model and always 
pointing me in the right direction. Jackie, 12/21/02, baby I love you! I cherish 
all the memories we have together Jackie. Joe c what can I say man you're 
my best friend and you have been there threw everything. Thanks for just 
being real and being the best friend a kid could ever have. Ill never forget 
you... #16 and #30 for life man. Football, #16 in honor of the bro Dave 
Trueira. Basketball #10 hopefully back-to-back-to-back CAL champs. To 
everyone that is still in the high school live it up cause before you know it... it's 
over. Joe C and Chooch for life kid. 



Krystle Valente 


Daniel Walter 

Mom Dad- thanx 4 always being there. Couldn't have done it w/o u. Never 4get 
my cosmo gurls & TECH RATS always cherish the memories! Ronnie my l sl love 
always remember the laughs & tears we shared: Mr. Hugawizzums, Dirtbiking, 
Pididdle, Rug Burn, DressUP, PaintBalls, Want some chix, Maine, OUR PROM- 
ISES, Motel6, Trull RD, Snookums/Babycakes 41yfe. 1/24/04 4years 2gether I 
love you! Janal lost u 4awhile always cherish our friendship. JB & JA twins 41yfe. 
JS SB neva 4get tech parties. KS KB the mullet man. GR feed Winnie LM always 
remember 8 lh grade love u girls. N/F Boston, JRProm, Deli King, Pitt Fires, 
Costume Party, Summa, Hampton, MilkShake, SneakinOut, Late Nites, My 
Father's Day Bash, Nite w/ WPD in cuffs. Many people will walk in & out of ur 
life, but only the true friends will leave footprints in ur heart. 


Hey to all of the people I was supposed to graduate with last year and all of 
the people I might not graduate with this year. Hopefully I will graduate this 
year and finally make it out of this school in 5 instead of 6 years. One of the 
main things that has kept me in school still are the people. If the seniors and 
juniors that I do know hadn't been so great, then I don't know where I would 
be, but I know it wouldn't be school. There may not be anyone left in this 
school that I went to school with or that I see outside of school, but without 
you I wouldn't even want to show up for school. The senior and junior classes 
along with determination have got me this far and hopefully get me through. 
IThank you to everyone at the school, students and staff of all the years Iv'e 
been there. It was fun while it lasted and I'll miss you guys 

Kelly Anne Waters 

Peter Wayshville 


Remember: Fam- Corey, Kirk, Jenn, Greg Matt, Heather, Nance + Ken... 
Friends: Snix, good times in prep classes, Chris B, Scoof, Lauren R, Kelly, Meg, 
Dan S Mc D's, Dave P, miller, Kurt S, Jay C, Joe M, Dave D, Joe C, Kristen, 
Liane M, SmOkEfAfTiEs lol, Denise, Becca Habibs class, Jordan photo for 
life, Katie, Elisa, Laura, Stacy, Amy M, Sheila, Ryan L, Sean G, Dee, and 
Christina... everyone else, you kno who you are. -Overall experience of High 
School: OK other that the problems with the teachers... Teachers: Mr. Barry, 
Miss. Newell thanx for all the help and putting up with me throughout the years 
Coaches: Cripps, Kinney Pole Vaulting, 300, 200-TRACK FOR LIFE ~ 


Wesley Williams 

Teresa Marie Zeppi 

Thanks to everyone who has made high school such a great experience. To 
my parents for giving me independence. To my sister, Jodi for her guidance. 
To my best friend Melissa who was always there for me and to all the fun we 
had in our Halloween tradition, sleepovers, Spanish projects, and much more. 
To Charlene, Rach, and Katie for crazy times especially when we are out 
eating. To Ray for all the smiles you bring to me. And to all the teachers and 
faculty for their dedication. Never forget: You truly get what you put in. 

Mom Dad & Britt-Thanx 4 all ur support ova the yrs.Luv you!FH-Awesum 
4 seasons Llamas tping STATES neva ends KFA Hockey-U gotta want it 2 
win it..Luv you girls& ur mothas best 4 yrs.AM practice MV 
Tennis*Superfans*Always a good time You all know who u are Neva change 
Summer03 bbq's swimmin revenge(3-l )SBall beach scav. hunts bball prom grls 
nite hangin out 24/7 & tons more.S squad7-RS KG SF KR AF AM Just 
CheckinlLuv u grls. Friends 4ever HB club the pole& much more.My Mus- 
keteers-Wheelchairs Salv.Army BEP cops dimes drivin around Sandra 
Sidney& George waitin 4 2nite KSFA sm.wonderers Lockmonsters Santa 
party pple move it fast scary stuff KG-BFF AI BMD marka fites get outta the 
bush FONYPU Kyoto Angela RI freaks late nite calls always lafin makin mems 
& always will. Its been real.Its been fun, Its been real fun. 



: k 


"Let your mind start a 

journey through a 

strange new world. Leave 

all thoughts of the world 

you knew before. Let 
your soul take you where 

you long to be. . . . Close 
your eyes, let your spirit 

start to soar, and you'll 
live as you've never lived 









z& — 


Jmmlk t h 


■ 5 

I ■ ■ 

i ■ I • 



^Sr : ?:■■:,, ^^M ^^Ff^B 

\ 1 A 

^ B 3 I 

\ -E^i 

-j£ r— j 1 

■ ,-» 













v ■ 





■ a; 



| Most Changed 


1%- - i ■ 

Michelle Shipley and Charlie Lojek 



Erin Dorrance and Charlie Lojek 

Most Likely to end up m Hollywood 


« 1 1 

\ ^ 


Mike Skinner and Lauren Nikodemos 








V • t 

Lauren Rappoli and Mike Kelley 


Jay Ciulla, 






■ N ■>» 



M ■ 

i : V-»V r .:v 



■ EJI i 

i r i^a j 








pr^4 m ii 

IS ft >V JS M 

1 ' V 

1 ^iJ r ' ^ 

P* ^JB _i \ 

# ! g 

ii ' 

9h ^ jV 

Vm 1 

1 1" J! 




■ I 









ip i 


• Prom 2003 



• k 





V < .*> 

a "^a 1 '' i 


fl* ■ 


r 1 


l^ J 

i f flfl 


L ^ 

Bv ■» 

t *v jJ*pi : V 



' ..'- 







I ■ 











The Wilmington Wildcats Football 
team had another sensational season. 
Led by Tri-Captains Bob Harrington. 
Charles Lojek. and Sean Godding the 
Cats finished their season at 9-2. The 
Wildcats had several big wins this 
year, including a 20-14 victory of 
rival Masco, a 30-19 win over 
Andover. and a phenomenal finish 
with a 41-22 victory over our 69 year 
rival Tewksbury on Thanksgiving. 
The dominating offensive line helped 
the Cats lead the CAL in scoring 
with 331 Offensive points (Godding. 
79) The defense was also impressive 
giving up only 120 points 
(DeMango. Ill tackles). The 
Wildcats had 7 players receive All- 
League recognition: Seniors Lojek. 
Godding. Harrington. Luongo. and 
DeMango and Underclassmen Herra 
and Gillis. The experience and 
leadership of the 2004 seniors will be 

Seniors: Back row: Matthew Cox, Joseph Downs, Kurt Steenbruggen, Dan Hurley, David Demango, Tim Coates, 
Kenny Luongo, Jared Miller; 

Front row: Jay Ciulla, Joseph Costello, Derek Trueira, Charlie Lojek (C), Sean Godding (C), Bob Harrigton (C), 
David Paris 

rV. t 


CX X X" 1 X~> X"% X X"> A X"*% X Tk. T ^""t 


This year the Wildcat Cheerleaders 
worked very hard during the fall 
season. The dedicated team 
practiced four times a week and 
brought the Wildcat spirit to every 
football game. Their inspiration and 
support helped the football team 
bring in key season victories. Led by 
seniors and co-captains, Cacey 
Savini and Maria Sorrentino,the 
squad placed 2 nd at the Cape Ann 
League Competition and 2 nd at 
Regionals. The 2003 cheerleaders 
had a great team and a memorable 

Back: Jessica Pereira, Maggie Sorrentino, Krystie Chapman, Lindsey Brown, Stephanie Lyon, Stacy Clemmons, Charisse 
Marchesi; Middle: Amy Sawyer, Michelle Forrester, Nicole Sauve, Kara Berg, Jenn Stone; Front: Angela Malinowski, Amy 
Butters, Cacey Savini (C), Maria Sorrentino (C), Ashley Dellanno, Bridget Meuse 




The golf team had another succesful 
season in 2003, finishing with an over- 
all record of 7-4- 1 . Led by senior and 
captain Matt Maceachern, the team 
captured the Division 3 North Sec- 
tional Championship. Wilmington 
placed 5th in the State Championship, 
where Kevin Verlado was crowned 
individual state champoin. 

Joe DiMari, Kevin Velardo, Senior Captain Matt MacEachern Michael Hackett, Brian Frongillo, Jason Evans 
Jeff Youngclaus, Brendan Strem, Zack Ungvarsky, Alex Montalto, Scott Konieczka Ryan Trulli 

t . ' 

'A ■ 



D H O 


The Wildcat Field Hockey team had a 
great year in the fall of 2003, finishing 
at 10-7-1, and making it to states for 
the first time since 2000. Led by tri- 
captains Tiffany Zolt, Lauren Cushing, 
and Katherine Chin, the team finished 
3 rd overall in the Cape Ann League. 
Cushing and fellow seniors Kerry and 
Samantha Gillis were chosen as CAL 
All Stars. One of the biggest games of 
the season was the seniors last game on 
Alumni Field. The Ladycats fought a 
tough battle against the Pentucket and 
with home field advantage, high spirits 
and hard work, the girls came out with 
a victory of 1-0. In the tournament, 
they played possibly the best game of 
the season, losing to Saugus in 
overtime, 1-0. It was a phenomenal 
season, one to be remembered. 

Back: Shannon Fahey, Kerry Gillis, Jackie Robarge, Nicole Lancione, Sarah Silverio, Kara Bruce, Meredith 
Bransfield, Celine Demaggio, Emily Olson, Coach Cushing 
Front: Allison Decaro, Tiffany Zolt (C), Lauren Cushing (C), Katherine Chin (C), Samantha Gillis 


This year the boy's soccer team had 
another successful season, compiling a 
12-6-2 record and qualifying for the 
state tournament for the fourth consecu- 
tive year. Coaches Steve Scanlon and 
Chip Bruce inspired the team to a 3rd 
place finish in the Cape Ann League, the 
best finish in recent memory. Led by 
captains Andrew Bamberg, Michael 
Kelley, and Dennis Robillard, the Wild- 
cats had several exciting matches this 
year including key league victories 
against Pentucket and Newburyport, as 
well as a thrilling last-minute victory 
against Chelsea in the state tournament. 
Seniors Willy Fiumara, Brian Lemke, 
David Celli. Eric Pelletier, Mike 
Macpherson, and Brian Schell all played 
pivotal roles in the team's great year. 
The 2003 seniors will always remember 
their days playing for the Wildcats at 
Alumni Field. 

Back: Berend-Jan DuMartin, Brian Wilson, Chris Azevedo, PJ Russo, Anthony Azevedo, Billy Papageorgiou, Brian 
Little, Chris Caizzo, Michael Vassallo, Tony Karalekas, Coach Scanlon, Front: Willy Fiumara, Brian Schell, Eric 
Pelletier, David Celli, Dennis Robillard (C), Andrew Bamberg (C), Michael Kelley (C), Brian Lemke, Michael 

1 4 

m 1 BE - ' I 



', . j 

I// j| J£ 


[^. : j| -^ 



I R 


Emily Dorrance, Ashley Steenbruggen, Rachele See, Jennifer Earls, Allyson Flynn, Amanda Martinello, Lauren Rappoli, 
Kim Strazzere, Alicia Braid, Lani Cabral-Pini, Kelly Crosby, Teresa DeSimone, Caitlin Foley, Debbie Lyons, Sarah 
McGowan, Caitlin McNabb, Ryan Murphy, Karla Ellis, Kim Gentle, Jackie Mello, Alicia Murray, Ashley Poirier, Kathleen 

Strazzere, Taryn Martiniello 

The 2003 Girls Varsity soccer team had 
one of the most successful seasons in the 
program' s history. Led by Coach Hendee 
and captains Emily Dorrance, Rachelle 
See, and Ashley Steenbruggen the team 
was named 2003 Cape Ann league Cham- 
pions, finishing the season with a record 
of 13-5-2. The team qualified for the 
State Tournament but lost in the quarter 
finals, 4-3, after two overtimes and 9 
rounds of penalty kicks. Rachelle See 
was deservingly named CAL Player of 
the Year, EMass AllStar, and All State 
honors. The league also recognized 
Debbie Lyons as a CAL All League All 
Star, as well as Lauren Rappoli and Ali- 
cia Braid as CAL All Stars. With the 
leadership of eight dedicated seniors, 
Emily Dorrance, Jennifer Earls, Allyson 
Flynn, Amanda Martiniello, Lauren 
Rappoli, Rachele See, Ashley 
Steenbruggen, and Kim Strazzere the 
2003 season with always be remembered 
for making its mark in team history. 


« l^ 

Wmm w -a* 

Mm^m^_ jH 

-. **W \ > 



K , *» ■_ 




- . i 

i. : ±^-^L** 


If il«k lh 

11 L 11 V ft - 


1 ®* 


1 / 

"V IT*"* Hi A %k 


#(l ^r 

I* * 

If .V 

U P M m *% 

w V m *•* 

— « 

i jil 


Jib 4 


Wf #^i ! 

r A 


% ' 


III tt ~ 


1 ■■ 


<? '" Wt !§&k " 




W aw 

r %v2 f ^7 



The boys and girls cross country teams 
were led by senior captains Shayne 
Gaffney and Melissa Marques, along 
with junior captains Chris Murray and 
Jen Loranger. Other senior members 
who contributed to the team were Chris- 
tina Roux. Brynna Moroney. and Todd 
Chen. The boy's team had a successful 
season finishing with a record of 5-5. 
The highlight of their season was when 
Chris Murray set a home course record 
with a time of 16:44. The girl's team 
ended their season with a record of 2- 
8. but was more competitive than ex- 
pected. Each of the girls improved 
their time and gave the opposing team 
a great race. Both the boys and girls 
teams competed in the CAL Meet and 
completed their season at the state meet 
in Boston. Overall, both teams has a 
fun and successful season. 

Back: Jen Loranger, Nicole Martel, Sean Macpherson, Matt Robinson, Ryan Curtis, Mishea Glazomitsky, Chris 
Murray, Tom Blaisdell, Chris Lyons; Middle: Kevin Robillard, Evan Walsh, Dan Jamerson, Tom Miele, Ray 
Bennett, Liz Pettigrew, Brittany Hannifan, Sam Oglesby; Front: Shayne Gaffney, Brynna Moroney, Melissa 
Marques, Christina Roux, Todd Chen 

M' a 


1 • 

m At ^B 1 

mF\ < 1 

^H I^b"" 





1 IM 






***■ - 1 


J n» m 


* ^ ( 



r ^»* 

®f ' 


*"- n ! 




^W— .*■(;?< F 



1- 1 



1 ^| ^^ i 




\ ' ] 

^11 J i J 

1 ' 

»» 1 b : 




i * \ 




Melissa Marques, Brynna Moroney, Christina Roux 

Shayne Gaffney, Todd Chen 



V o 


The 2003 Volleyball season was a 
very successful one for the Lady 
Wildcats. Coach Staffier, for the 
third consecutive year, lead the team 
to the state tournament. The team 
was led by co-captains Katie Riley 
and Gina Ranno along with seniors, 
Elisa Maglione, Laura Knoettner, and 
Kirsten Frizol. The girls won their 
first tournament game vs. Presenta- 
tion of Mary, but the Wildcats were 
defeated in the next round by the 
Lynnfield Pioneers to end their 
season. The girls had a memorable 
season which left them with great 
memories of the time spent together 
both on and off the court. 

Back: Kirsten Frizol, Kristen Cherubino, Amy McHale, Kristina Ghafari, Elisa Maglione, Megan Godding, 
Kelley Lemke Front: Laura Knoettner, Gina Ranno (C), Katie Riley (C), Krystle Chambers, Kate Enright 

f f *$ 

Jk> 1 J, 


. ^fdf 1 * 


1 A 



II I Tjp | 

*j£ g 


I 4>> 


The Wrestling team achieved many of 
their goals this year. Under the cap- 
tainship of Dave Paris, the team hoped 
to become the best team of all time. 
The team went on to finish with a final 
record of 18-7, which is the best in 
WHS history. The team placed 2nd at 
the Hopkinton tournament, 2nd at 
Haverhill, 3rd at Mt. Anthony, and 3rd 
at the C AL' s. For the first time in team 
history the team was able to defeat 
Haverhill and Woburn. At Sectionals 
the team was able to place 7 wrestlers 
including Anthony Almeida who 
placed 1st. After a very successful 
season the team ended at the Division 
3 State Championships. It was a great 
year; certainly one to be remembered. 

David Ballou, Steve Sousa, Jan Kelly, Ken Luongo, David pans, Matt Furlong, Josh Giroux 

Chris Periera, Rich Cummings, dan Hall, Nathan Clapp, Tim Sughrue, Mike St. Aubin, Anthony Almeida, Phil Minghella, 

Brian Abbott, Mike Sorrentino 

Coach Pimemtal, Michelle St. Aubin, Kate Phaup, Coach Sqamotif, Adam Kittredge, Dan Turner, Dan Jamerson, Evan Walsh, 

Kevin Paris, Ken Adams, Brian Wilson, Chris Ollson, Emily Clopp, Mikayla Locke 

Brad Hodgeson, Kehan Tannian, Cory Wayshville, Nick Gustin, Nathan Mercer, Greg Boland 

' W^ :::j " : \i 

Bl slfl 

*' i W ~zr 4 



\* jh^' : 

^^H, '■;: <JH 


kk. jjpH 

jj^^fi K^l 


." M 


I,:,* "W-f 

1 vb^mT^ 



• v 

■ 1 


« 1 


sT Oj[^B 



mSm.. \^B 



B O 

H O 


Players:Tim Anderson. Dan DelRossi. Derek Montalto. Joe Giordano. Andy Berian. Dave DeMango. Mark Pickett 

Bryant Buck. George Boudreau. Bill Schultes. Tom Blaisdell 

Scott Dunnett. David Griffin. Zack Wilkins. Ed Tucker. Rav Bennett. Mike Fay, Dan Tobin. Mike Thibault. 


The Wilmington Girls Hockey team 
finally had the puck bouncing their 
way. Many firsts were accomplished 
this season. The team won their first 
tournament in Martha's Vineyard, 
finished the season in first place with 
a 17-3-0 record to capture the North 
Cape Ann League title, and became 
the number one seed going into the 
state tournament. 
This year the team graduated four 
seniors, Captain Jillian Abell, 
Christina Roux, Rachele See and 
Captain Tiffany Zolt. The ladycats 
were the talk of the league and a 
force to be reckoned with. It was an 
Amazing season and one to never be 
forgotten. Go Wildcats!! 

Amber Warnick, Lauren Heenan Colleen Magee, Kerri Porter, Maria Tucker, Katie Martell, Jen Corcoran (C), Jessica 
Scioli, Erin Magee, Tiffany Zolt (C); Front: Katelyn Lynch, Melisa Bianchi, Brittany Zolt, Jillian Abell (C), Julie 
Martell, Christina Roux, Rachel See, Jackie Moran, Alison Powers; Missing: Kristine Barry 


pi mi j% 

■ M 1 

i ■ ■ ^^HBfjb^^gra 


1 ^ 1 



Coach McCune, Sean Murphy. Ryan Quigley. Dan Hurley, Eric Ollila, Kevin Pizzotti, Clayton Huynh, Brennan Jones 
Brian Caira, Zack Mitzan, Mike Kelley, Derek Trueira, Joe Herra 


\ ' ■ V 

■ • ■ 



Back Row (left to right): Ashley Poirier, Cassy Doherty, Emily Largenton, Courtney Browne, Ashley Vitale, Alyssa 
Bibeau, Alicia Murry, Megan Godding, Ryan Murphy 

Front Row (left to right): Kaitlyn Sullivan, Brianne Bozzella, Co-Captain Elisa Maglione, Co- Captain Brynna Moroney, 
Lani Cabral- Pini, Kelly Crosby 

The 2003-2004 Girls Basketball team 
worked hard this year to earn the 
victories which brought them to the 
state tournament for the first time in 
six years. Coached by Al Duffett and 
led by the two seniors captains Elisa 
Maglione and Brynna Moroney the 
team finished with a 1 1-9 record. In 
the first tournament game against 
Hamilton- Wenham, the girls were 
one point shy of advancing to the 
quarterfinals. Although the short 
tournament appearance was disap- 
pointing the season was successful. It 
will be remembered by everyone both 
for the basketball talent displayed 
and, more importantly, for the team 
members who strived for excellence 
both on and off the court. 



1 B ' IB 

ft iM w - 


W "lltitoJBl 



This year the boys winter track team 
had another great season. The team 
finished with a record of 4-4 defeating 
Amesbury. Lynnfield. Newburyport, 
and Hamilton - Wenham The runners 
completed their season by placing 5th 
at the Cape Anne League meet. The 
great coaching from Bob Cripps in- 
spired the team to pick up the key 
victories. The quad captains of Dave 
Celli. Shayne Gaffney. Brian Schell. 
and Jared Miller also encouraged the 
team with their leadership. The se- 
niors will be remembered by the rest of 
the team for their hard work and dedi- 

j ^ 

Back: Due Hoang, Chris Ng, Todd Chen, Eric Pelletier, Dennis Robillard, Dan Chalmers, Dan 
Travis, Eric Steeves, Buck Collings, Michael Macpherson, Rob Southey 
Front: : Brian Schell, Joseph Caira, David Celli, Shayne Gaffney, Jared Miller 

Back: Kimberly Gentile, Nadia Prinzivalli, Jennifer Loranger, Jennifer Comer, Devin Miller, Alana Lacey, Debbie 
Lyons, Elizabeth Pettigrew, Melissa Marques (C), Katherine Chin (C), Katharine McMahon, Caitlin McNabb, Middle: 
Allyson Flynn, Alicia Braid, Kimberly Silvia, Lauren Murphy, Adriene Fisher, Kayla Cargill, Caitlin Foley, Front: 
Katie Riley, Shiloh Bramante-Cohen, Courtney Parsons, Joanne Waterhouse, Jackie Mello 

The girls winter track team had 
another successful season with the 
winning record of 6-4-0. The team 
was led by senior co-captains Mel- 
issa Marques and Katherine Chin 
and seniors Allyson Flynn and 
Katie Riley. There were many close 
meets in which the girls were able 
to pull ahead by only a few points. 
There were 6 girls, along with the 
4x200 and 4x400 team, that ad- 
vanced to the CAL and State meet. 
Each girl ran their personal best 
and was able to move up in rank. 
Sophomore Jackie Mello placed 2nd 
at the Class C state meet, 4th in the 
All-State meet, and advanced to 
New Englands. She is the first girl 
that Coach Bradley has coached to 
run at the New England meet. 
Overall it was an exciting season, 
certainly one to be remembered. 

1 0M 




P : C:. : ^flfl :.,i:.'- : 'l:::^ 





i|& %j 



jJSIU jjj | }' 









■ I 





■r ■ 




■ ' ) 







■ ■ • I 
■ti ■ ■ 



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We ' * ^Tk. 

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,, tg^ ■ i;|B ■../"■'. -Mr-"-' 

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/■•. ■ 









Jenna Patterson 

Kara Bruce 


Megan Hand 

Cacey Savini 


Mark Pickett 

Denise Morel 

Tiffany Zolt 




Kevin Neville 








Nicole Lancione 

Jillian Stira 

Allyson Flynn 

Shannon Fahey 


Amy Guzelf 

Ashley Sullivan 

Jill Olson 

Jennifer Earls 


Greg Irving 


Elisa Maglione 


Katie Riley 

and Erin 

Kelli Sweeney 





Leonardo Zullo 


Katherine Chin 



Mike Skinner 

Christa Covino 








Petti grew 


Lisa Martiniello 






Scott Brady 


Laura Knoettner 



Kevin Pizotti 



Kurt Steenbruggen 


Steve lorio 

Jillian Abell 







Christina Roux 


Talia Khan 



aft wwn 







Brian Abbott 

Kenneth Adams 

Katie Arsenault 

Krysten Augello 

Christopher Azevedo 

Jamie Bagrowski 

Amanda Baker 

David Baliou 

Danielle Bamberg 

Nicholas Barrasso 

Michael Barry 

Richard Barry 

Michael Bartlett 

Steven Beek 

Jesse Belding 

Gregory Bell 

Erika Belsky 

Jonathan Benoit 

Kara Berg 

Jonathan Bishop 

Hanrah Blaisdell 

Joshua Bodah 

Kyle Borseti 

George Boudreau 



.*» I 

■ •<• 

Brianne Bozzella 
Alyssa Bradley 
Nicole Bradley 
Shiloh Bramantecohen 
Ryan Brander 
Scott Bransfield 

Caitlin Bresnahan 
Zachary Broman 
Ashley Bruno 
Anthony Buonomo 
Kayla Capachietti 
Colleen Carey 

Kayla Cargill 
Deirdre Carroll 
Erin Carter 
Christine Cassim 
Kevin Cavanaugh 
Daphney Chin 

Danielle Chirichiello 
Jonathan Chirichiello 
Zachary Church 
Zachary Ciampa 
Jennelle Ciulla 
Emily Clapp 

Douglas Clifford 
Ryan Clifford 
Irvin Co 

Bradley Colegrove 
Brittany Collins 
Kerri Convery 

Thomas Coughlin 
Shannell Courtois 
Meghan Cranford 
Kimberly Cremens 
Caitlin Crowley 
Stephen Cruz 

Eric Cummings 

Christopher Dancoe 

Leah Delrossi 

£ *5> -*■ J£ 

Brendan DeMango 

"1 Jk 

Derek DeRosa 

Cassie Doherty 

f ^ 



^ v 


Ryan Dooley 

James Downs III 

Nicholas Duggan 

Katlyn Duncan 

Amanda Dunnett 

Daniel Evans 

Jason Evans 

Shawn Fahey 

Alicia Faulkner 

Sylvia Faustino 

Richard Ferullo 

Tabetha Finn 

Shane Foley 

Monica Folk 

Cassandra Forte 

Jamie Gallagher 

Christopher Giardina 

Danielle Giordano 

Joshua Giroux 

Chelsea Gish 

Michael Golden 

Dereck Griffin 

Joshua Griffin 

Clifton Hall 

Alyssa Hanley 

David Hanson 

Jessica Harrington 

Lauren Heenan 

Kristi Heffernan 

Jamie Hoyt 

Cassandra Hurley 

Nicholas Ippolito 

Tara Jabour 

Christopher Jeannette 

Cara Jenkins 

Michael Johnson 

Ryan Jones 

Bryan Kelley 

Kaitlyn Kerins 

Glenn Kerr 

Natasha Khan 

Stephanie Knoettner 



*Zr I I 



Kimberly Koerber 
Stephen Krakofsky 
Jessica Kritter 
Kelsey Kusa 
Alana Lacey 
Michael Larffarello 

Kayli Lawler 
Eric Legro 
Darrylann Lenoard 
Adam Levine 
Kristin Liberacki 
John Lippiello 

Samantha Little 
Mikayla Locke 
William Long IV 
Ryan Loring 
Christina Luciano 
Christopher Lyon 

Samantha MacDougall 
Katelyn Maggio 
Kaley Maguire 
Robert Mahoney 
Kayla Malone 
Jill Manganelli 

Albert Marfleet 
Christine Marques 
Shawna Marshall 
Kevin Martin 
Taryn Martiniello 
Megan Martins 

Joshua Mayo 
Katelyn Mcfeeters 
Patrick McGarry 
Katelyn McGrath 
Tara McNabb 
Vanessa Medeiros 

Kyle Mendelson 
Nathan Mercer 
Philip Minghella 
Alexander Mooney 
Deborah Morel 
Brittany Mulrenan 


Lee Nason 

Kathryn Nelson 

John Olivere 

Tara Osgood 

Courtney Parsons 

Justin Patel 

Daniel Patterson 

Matthew Pennie 

Maryellen Perry 

Cecelia Pettigrew 

Katelyn Phaup 

Arianna Picardi 

Michael Pickett 

Christie Presz 

Michael Rafuse 

David Rak 

Thomas Reppucci 

Danielle Robarge 

Eric Russo 

Leah Schneider 

Brittany Schofield 

Patrick Schultz 

Vincent See 

Jason Serino 

Harris Shaikh 

Brendan Sheehan 

Steven Shibilia 

Daniel Silva 

Laura Silverio 

Kimberly Silvia 

Shane Simbeck 

Jeremiah Smith 

Margaret Sorrentino 

Stephen Sousa 

Michelle St Aubin 

Justin Steeves 

Gregory Stewart 
Michael Stewart 
Amanda Stone 
Katelyn Sullivan 
Richard Sullivan 
David Sweet 



Beth Ananian 

Alex Ardito 

Michael Auciello 

Krystal Beaudin 

Alyssa Bibeau 

Theresa Bishop 

Lauren Bonica 
Timothy Brady 
Keith Brandano 
Lauren Brassil 
Kristen Breslin 
Diane Brown 

Courtney Browne 

Amy Butters 

Danielle Butters 

Aldo Caira 

Brian Caira 

Kyle Carbone 

Michael Catania 

Ariana Catino 

Catherine Celli 

Alex Chalmers 

Tanya Ciardi 

Nathan Clapp 

Dean Clifford 

Daniel Cole 

Brittany Collins 

Timothy Collins 

Jennifer Comer 

Allyson Costello 




■■■•*'■■■'■■ ■ ' 


Kristen Cox 
Meghan Coyne 
Christopher Crescenzo 
Christopher Crosby 
Jonathan Cullen 
Joshua Cunha 

Caitlin Curran 
Nunzio Dibenedetto 
George Dighton Hi 
Joseph Dimare 
Devin Dinatale 
Shaun Doherty 

David Doucette 
Michael Doucette 
Stephen Downs 
Taylor Duffy 
Scott Dunnett 
Krista Durkee 

Michael Earls 
Carleen Ellis 
Kellie Farrell 
Dina Ferranti 
Mark Ferrara 
Nicholas Ferrari 

Michael Fields 
Nicole Figucia 
Andrew Fish 
Adrienne Fisher 
Jennifer Fitzgerald 
Sean Flynn 

Michael Fogarty 
Kayla Fraser 
Erica Frizol 
Richard Fudge 
Brian Garrett 
Kimberly Gentile 

Gregory Getchell 
Cynthia Gibbons 
Brendon Gibson 
Sarah Gillis 
Rachel Gilson 
Devin Giroux 


Megan Godding 

Brad Goldbiatt 

Luis Gomez 

Carolyn Gormley 

David Griffin 

Nicole Groom 

Nicholas Gustin 

Jillian Guzinski 

Ashlyn Hackert 

Michael Haepers 

Daniel Hall 

Jessica Ham 

Brittany Hanafin 

Caitlin Harrington 

Kristen Hartka 

Michael Hayes 

Joseph Herra 

Richard Hersom 

Janelle Hodge 

Nicholas Hogan 

Michael Hudson 

Kara Hurrell 

Keith Irwin 

Amanda Jackson 

Angela Jackson 

Michelle Jensen 

Eileen Jordan 

Ashleigh Joyce 

Anthony Karalekas 

Katelyn Kaufman 

Michael Kavanaugh 

Jonathan Kelly 

Raechel Kerrigan 

Matthew King 

Adam Kittredge 

Alex Kittredge 

Daniel Kline 

Michael Krakofsky 

Jacqueline Lafleur 

Caroline Lamson 

Matthew Lavoie 

Kelley Lemke 



™, . V 





Amy Lentini 
Jennifer Liston 
Erin Lloyd 
Briana Locke 
Amanda Luce 
Michelle Luongo 

Katelyn Lynch 
Sean MacPherson 
Sean MacSweeney 
Erin Magee 
Jonathan Maimaron 
Jennifer Maio 

Nicholas Manent 
Keith Marasco 
Charisse Marchesi 
Brittany Marcou 
Matthew Marden 
Nicole Martel 

Brian Martin 
Adrienne Masiello 
Zachary Mayo 
Lauren McDonagh 
James McGowan 
Jacqueline Mello 

Zachary Michaud 
Thomas Miele 
Amanda Miles 
Devin Miller 
Alexander Montalto 
Ryan Mooney 

Jaclyn Moran 
Conor Moroney 
Lauren Murphy 
Matthew Murphy 
Meaghan Murphy 
Sean Murphy 

Alicia Murray 
James Murray 
Amanda Murree 
Timothy Mutter 
Amanda Nichols 
William Nieman 



Davici Oblom 

Samuel Oglesby 

Ryan Olivieri 

Matthew Olson 

Andrew Otovtc 

Elizabeth Pacheco 

Stephanie Parker 

Caitlin Pazdziorko 

Shayne Pellerin 

Matthew Phaup 

Ashley Poirier 

Stephen Potcner 

Nicholas Pres 

Brian Preziosi 

Nadia Prinzivalli 

Kelly Prior 

Krystle Quintal 

Ricardo Ramos 

Bryan Raposo 

Peter Rastellini 

Meghan Reardon 

Antonio Resendes 

Ashley Ricardo 

Paul Ritson Jr 

Katelyn Roberts 

Kevin Robillard 

Matthew Robinson 

Nicole Roderick 

Debra Rooker 

Sherilyn Rose 

David Rousseaux 

Sarah Rufo 

Jason Ruggiero 

Kristin Ruggiero 

Matthew Ruggiero 

Phillip Russo 

Robert Ryan 

Jessica Saad 

Jalisa Santiano 

Jessica Santos 

Michael Saporito 

Lauren Sartoris 


iv\> sip* 


Nicole Savoia 
William Schultes 
Scott Sferrazza 
Catherine Sheerin 
Samantha Sheldon 
Kaitlin Sirbak 

Diane Smith 
Hilary Smith 
Michael Sorrentino 
Daniel Sprague 
Stephanie Steeves 
Jacquelyn Stokes 

Steven Stokes 
Kathleen Strazzere 
Alyse Sullivan 
Brian Sullivan 
Derek Sullivan 
Eric Svensson 

Sarah Sylvia 
Kehan Tannian 
Sarah Terlaga 
Nicholas Thorp 
Daniel Tobin 
Stephen Tower 

Laura Tranghese 
Ryan Trulli 
Zachary Ungvarsky 
Kerry Veloza 
Steven Ventre 
Evan Walsh 

Amber Warnick 
Supawat Wattanamongkol 
Rachel Weeden 
Meredith Welch 
Brian Wilson 
Mary Worthington 




Anthony Almeida 

Jessicia Alosco 

Sara Amero 

Veronica Ames 

Timothy Anderson 

Andrea Athanassiou 

Anthony Azevedo 

Corey Banda 

Krystai Barnes 

Luis Barrera 

Jessica Barry 

Kristine Barry 

Nicole Bartlett 

John Bell 

Raymond Bennett 

Stephen Beyers 

Mallory Biggins 

Thomas Blaisdell 

David Blanco 
Gregory Boland 
Gina Bolognese 
Alicia Braid 
Robert Brennan 
Kimberly Breslin 

Jennifer Bresnahan 

Erin Brogan 

Samantha Brooks 

Danielle Brown 

Holly Brown 

Lindsey Brown 

Pamela Bruce 

Bryant Buck 

Sean Burns 

Lani Cabral-Pini 

Christopher Caiazzo 

Sarah Carlino 

■ I 


Stephen Carrasquillo 
Sheila Cassidy 
Michelle Cassim 
Kaitlin Chakoian 
Krystle Chambers 
Krystie Chapman 

Arielle Cimeno 
Stacie Clemens 
Kevin Cole 
Patrick Contrada 
Lauren Convery 
Jennifer Corcoran 

Jamie Coulouris 
Charles Courtois 
Laura Crawford 
Crystal C re mens 
Lauren Cronan 
Kelly Crosby 

Robert Crowe Jr 
Richard Cummings 
Ryan Curtis 
Amanda Dacko 
Ryan Daley 
Brian Dalton 

Michael Damplo 
Victor Dell Isola 
Ashley Dell'Anno 
Eric DiFava 
Kristen Donovan 
John Dowling 

Ashley Downs 
Berend Jan Dumartin 
William Dunbar 
Daniel Ellsworth 
Katelyn Enwright 
Christopher Fahey 

Jessica Farnsworth 
Daniel Farrell 
Lyndsey Ferreira 
Amanda Figueiredo 
Meghan Flynn 
Caitlin Foley 


Janice Folk 

Michelle Forester 

Brian Frongillo 

Matthew Furlong 

William Gardynski 

Christopher Gaudet-Gardiner 

Kristina Ghafari 

Brian Giamberardino 

Robert Gillis 

Mikhail Glazomitsky 

Ashley Greco 

Anthony Grilo 

Michael Hackett 

Joshua Harrington 

Donald Heenan 

Kaitlyn Higgins 

Brad Hodgson 

Clayton Huynh 

Louis Insalaco 

Sarah Jackson 

Daniel Jamerson 

Christopher Johnston 

Brennan Jones 

Sandra Kelly 

Annika Khan 

Scott Konieczka 

Wesley Koranteng 

Michael Lagomarsino 

Ellen Largenton 

Emily Largenton 

Jessica Lecesse 

Benjamin Little 

Bryan Little 

Jennifer Loranger 

Stephanie Lyon 

Deborah Lyons 

Edward Lyons 

Julia MacDougall 

Ryan Maclver 

Justin Maimaron 

Angela Malinowski 

Lindsay Marino 

Jimmy Nguyen 
Linda Nguyen 
Jessie Nolan 
Eric Ollila 
Christopher Olson 
Emiiy Olson 

Nidhi Pandya 
Rebecca Pane 
William Papageorgiou 
Kevin Paris 
Christopher Pereira 
Jessica Pereira 

Elizabeth Pettigrew 
Kerri Porter 
Ryan Quigley 
Michelle Rappoli 
Heather Reardon 
Kristine Rego 

Jennifer Riley 
Jessica Roberts 
Kylee Rodriguez 
Heather Rogers 
Michaela Rousseaux 
Danielle Roux 


.'*. ■ i 



Fadia Saad 

Nicole Sauve 

Amy Sawyer 

Stephanie Sgrulloni 

Robert Sinopoli 

Krysttna Smith 

Natasha Solan 

Michael St Aubin 

Julia Stein 

Katie Sterling 

Matthew Stewart 

Jennifer Stone 

Patrick Storey 

Brendan Strem 

Timothy Sughrue 

Jennifer Sullivan 

Molly Sullivan 

Joseph Surianello 

Daniel Tanzella 

Marjorie Taylor 

Stephen Tetrault 

Michael Thibault 

Nicole Tobin 

Christina Tocci 

Vy Tran 

Edward Tucker 

Daniel Turner 

Michael Vassallo 

Lynn Vasseur 

Kevin Velardo 

Leejane Villafuerte 

Kathleen Visalli 

Renee Waitt 

Thomas Walsh 

Joanne Waterhouse 

Corey Wayshville 

Amy Webb 

Michael Welch 

Steven West 

Zachary Wilkins 

Caroline Yee 










Jennifer Fidler 

Martha Boudreau 

Marie Shack 


Russell Carroll 

Suzette Durso 

Frances Boudreau 


Catherine Symonds 

Jeanne Borawski 

Lisa Desberg 





J. ■ 




Barbara Mette 

Jason Luciana 


r ; 

Edward Harrison 

Anthony Altieri 


i.-*i ■ 



James Megyesy 

Nancy Bissonnette 

Michael Demers 

Richard Fardy 

Scott Ferguson 

Michelle Hooper 




Patricia Banda 

Judy Beaudet 


Shaun Curran, Aide 

i^M ^b ^^flT" 

: ^M 

i|pp ;'* ; 







..>lm ■*■ 






I ■ 





■ -'* 




Tracey Kassin 

Kevin Riley 

Abigail Russell 

Maura Tucker 



Michael Kinney 

Mark Staff ier 

Mary Mahoney 

James Demos, II 



■tHP* ".Lifiy 



Joyce Beckwith 

David DiBarri 

Susan Rowe, R.N. 


Linda Bavuso 




Jason Tildsley, Aide 


Nicole Knight 




W 1 


Deborah Fitzpatrick 

Paula Byrne 

Ann Antinarelli 

Nelson McLaren 

Ellen Houle, Aide 




Michael Barry 

Annik Conover 

Josephine Newell 


Forever Young 

All our love, 

Mom, Dad, Jill & Amanda 


The world is all yours- go 

for it! Just be sure to come 

home on weekends... 

Love, Mom, Pups, Crit, 

Snelf, Peaches 


The person that you 

are and the music you 

have brought to our 

family has always 

given us such joy! 

We thank you and 

love you! 

We've watched you grow into a 
beautiful, intelligent young woman. 
We're so proud of your accomplish- 
ments and look forward to your 
continued successes. 
We love you so much. 
Love, Mom, Dadm and Laura 

Jenna Ciaramella 

Never Stop Smiling! 

Congratulations on all of your hard 

work and accomplishments. We are 

all so proud of you. Follow your 

dreams and reach for your goals. 

Wishing you happiness and success in 

the future. 

Love, Dad, Mom, Gina, Missy & 



We are very proud 

of you. We wish 

you the best. We 

love you. 

Your parents 


' • 1 1 ■■ 




•*■»• I i3feUn2rUEwKr9lM* 

One can never 

consent to creep 
when one feels 
an impulse to soar. 

— Helen Keller 

To the Wilmington High School class of 2004, 

we extend our best wishes for success in the future. 

Aleppo Shriners 
Wilmington, Massachusetts 

V NEW * 



Manufacturers of Septic Tanks 

■ D-Boxes ■ Catch Basins 

■ Dry Wells ■ Bulkheads 

■ Median Barriers ■ Concrete Steps 

WILMINGTON, MASS (978) 658-2645 
AMESBURY, MASS (978) 388-1509 
NOTTINGHAM, NH (603) 942-5668 


'"Where Service Comes First" ourService$ 

600 Main Street, Wilmington 
97-8-658-28 1 8 

Competitive Rates 
■ Truck Towing 
'Ramp Truck Service 

Local & Long Distance 
Machinery & Equipment Moving 

Congratulations Katie! 

As yucr graduate from high 
school, always remember 
how proud we are of you 
and who you have become. 
Believe in yourself and 
follow -your dream's 1 ! 


Dad., Mom, Jessica., Sarah 

and Brad 

Congratulations , Katie 

We are so proud 
of you ! Wherever you go, 
whatever you do, we're 

always here for you. 

Wishing you much 
happiness and success 

as you continue 

your life's journey 


gfawpiK £ras?imi#, SC^4sutlte 







"I realize that a sense of humor isn't for everyone. It's only for people 
who want to have fun, enjoy life, and feel alive/' 
-Anne Wilson Schaef 

Congratulations Cha-Cha! 
Love, Dad, Mom, Heather, and Vinny 

Congratu lotions 

Dan Dilworth 

May the good lord be with you 
Down every road you roam 
And may the sunshine and happi- 

Surround you when you're far from 

And may you grow to be proud 
Dignified and true 
And do unto others 
As you'd have done to you 
Be courageous and be brave 
And in our hearts you'll always stay 
Forever young 

May good fortune be with you 
May your guiding light be strong 
Build a stairway to heaven 
With a princess or a vagabond 
And may you never love in vain 
And in our hearts you will remain 
Forever young 

And when you finally fly away 

We'll be hoping that we served you 


For all the wisdom of a lifetime 

No one can ever tell 

But whatever road you choose 

We're right behind you, win or lose 

Forever young 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Alan Gentile 

Congratulations, Al! We are so proud of 
you! You have accomplished so much and 
there is so much yet to come. Follow your 
dreams and may your future be filled with 
love, happiness and success. Remember, 
we will always be there for you. 
Love, Mom, Dad & Kim 



If I could teach you only a few things 
before you leave me, it would be always 
look at life as half full, never half empty. 
Always be grateful for what you do 
have, never dwell on what you don't. 
Never judge and always remember you 
are fabulous! Happiness and respect for 
who you are will be your greatest suc- 
cess in life. With love and admiration, 
Jeannette xo 

We are very proud of you for what 
you have achieved. You should be 
proud of yourself and continue to be 
the wonderful person that you are. 
Love, Gram and Pup 

R.I.P Auntie Charlene August 27, 2003 

Dear Auntie, 

I am dedicating this graduation to 
you. I made it! You were such an 
inspiration and shining light in my 
life. I could never thank you 
enough for everything you have 
given to me. I miss you more ev- 
eryday. Your smile was brighter 
than the sunshine and your heart 
was bigger than the whole world. I 
learned so much from you and I will 
never forget all the memories we 
made. You were one of a kind and 
will never be forgetten. I LOVE 
Love Always, Michelle xoxo 

Congratulations and good luck! I 
am very proud of you. I love you 
and always wish you the best. 
Love Dad xo 

Beautiful inside and out, witty, 
kind, and a big heart. Courage and 
strenghth another quality. All of 
these qualities will see you through 
the years to come, and your success 
in anything you do is inevitable. 
Good Luck, Nana and Chuck 

May our Lord who has endowed 
you with such a brilliant mind 
continue to bless you with a prom- 
ising future full of rainbows of 
success. I love you, Mama 




EBmllig yfl urn 



Jenna Mary Patterson 

• *4^Hk 

^Afe^pfl b 


feSir^jf y 






" U'J .- 


Always remember how very special you 

are and that you can do anything you put 

your mind to. 

Never lose sight of your dreams. 

We are so very proud of the young lady 

you have become! 

We love you very much. 

Mom, Dad, Danny & Jesse 

Congratulations Dan, 

We are very proud of you and 

always will be. 

With much love, 

Dad, Mom, Leah and Mark 

Dear Kevin, 

Keep the faith & 

values we have 

instilled in you and 

you will succeed. 

You are a good kid. 

We love you!!! 

All our love, 

Mom and Dad 



Your inner strength and 
perseverance to over- 
come obstacles set 
before you, are shining 
examples for all of us to 
follow. We are so proud 

of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Arthur, 

Arlene & Daisy 


Lauren!!!!!! Thanks 

for all your hard work 

and for so many 
wonderful memories. 

You should be as 

proud of yourself and 

your accomplishments 

as we are of you! 

Love always, Mom & 

Dad, Ryan and Mark 

Michelle ~ We've watched 

you grow from a precocious 

little girl to an intelligent, 

kind young woman. We're 

very proud of you and hope 

your future brings much 

happiness and success. 


Love, Mom and Dad 





From the day you were born you have filled our lives with happiness! 
We are extremely proud of the man youVe become! 
" You're our pride and joy etcetera!" 

Love, Mom, Dad & Ashlyn 


May the good Lord be with you down every road you roam. 

May sunshine and happiness surround you when you're far 

from home. May you grow to be proud dignified and true 

and do unto others as you'd have done to you. Be courageous 

and be brave. May good fortune be with you. May you guiding 

light be strong. May you never love in vain. When you finally fly away 

we'll be hoping that we served you well. Whatever road you choose 

we're right behind you win or lose. 
We Love You, 
Mom, Dad, Steven & Marc 





■■ ■'.'■'.•■ ■■ 



Congratulations Lauren 

Mom, Dad, Patrick, Pete & 


Congratulations Lisa. 

We are very proud of you. 

We wish you a future of 

love, happiness and good 

fortune. Follow your 

dreams wherever they may 

take you and know that we 

are always here for you. 

Love, Mom & Dad 

Sean Godding 


You have made us so proud. You 
have grown into a wonderful young 
man. You are handsome, hardworking 
and very caring, with these qualities 
you can't go wrong. May all your 
dreams come true! 

We love you very much, 

Mom, Dad, George, Megan & Kayla 


Kristen Cherubino 
Congratulations ! 

We are all proud of you and your 
accomplishments. Continue your 
journey ahead following your 
dreams and may health, happi- 
ness and success be with you. We 
all love you very much, Love 
Mom, Dad, Mike, Nicole and 

Congratulations Steve! 
We are all extremely proud of you! Do well 
and have fun in college!! 

Mom, Dad, Lauren, Michael and Nana too! 

Vinney Savoia 

Vinny, we are 

very, proud of you 

Follow your 

dreams and be 


We love you! 

Mom, Dad & 


We knew the first time 
we saw your first perfor- 
mance it was your first 
step to your future 

Much Love & Success 
Mom & Dad 

Dear Jenna Balinski, 

If you Smile A lot, Care 

for Others A lot and Love 

A lot, you will experience 

all the Joy Life has to 


Remember, your family 

will always be here for 

you! Rise and Shine, my 


Love, Mom 

Dear David, 

It's hard to believe that we are writing this for 

your yearbook. But, we are very happy for 

you. You enjoyed your high school years 

thoroughly. You worked hard and you were 

successful at almost everything you tackled. It 

is a privilege to have you as a son and 

brother. You should look back at these years 

with pride for all you accomplishments. You 

should also know that you make a difference 

to those whom you meet because you are so 

very special. We will always love you. 

Love, Mom, Dad & Katie 





Tel {9m 657 8282 
Fox (978) 657 5357 


( (Man ufeKturing Co. Inc. 





IMorJo ."- nxnk«dg.cof« 


Northeast Foot Specialists 

Pediatric Medicine & Surgery of the I trt 

*8mmt Certified i» Fool I •,. the 

American College oj Fool r geotts 

Dr. Peter). Bregman, FACFAS* 

Medk&iCatr, Imvi Treatment, Con® 
<*< K<n»ivO/« tin* Surgery foe MtdH mdCMUfm 

1 1 Middlesex Ave, Suite 5 - Wilmington, MA 01887-2746 

e-mail: • Fax (978)658-2919 

TEL: (978) 658-9774 

Best Wishes to the 

Class of 2004 


Deborah A Edgerly, 


388 Rear Main Street 

Wilmington, MA 




Class of 2004 
Good Luck and Best Wishes on 


From Everyone at Royal Dynasty 



We're so proud we 

could just burst!! 
Lots of hugs & kisses, 
Daddy, Sally & Tucker 

Dear Alii, 

Close your eyes and 
make a wish... the world 
is yours... Soar! Love 
you back to my back! 



As you graduate from high school we want you to 
know that we are proud of you and wish you every 
success in achieving the many life goals ahead. 
Be happy!! 

Love, Mom, Papi, Julio & Dennis 





We are very 
Proud of YOU!! 

Love. ..Mom, Dad & Sara 






We Love your sense of humor, 
your many musical talents, 
and your smile; 


From Big Bird to Joe Bear; Disney to Key 

West; Dirty Dancing to 10 Things; Cur ley 

to Straight; "Why you laugh?" to "Are 

you serious?"; Soccer to Field Hockey; 

Country Mouse to WHS. We have great 

memories thanks to you! 

With all our love and best wishes, 

Mom, Dad, Danielle, Tom and Meghan 

'Congratulations Class of 2004** 


Allison Flynn 

To Our Little Ally Cat! 
Always stay as sweet as 
ever. Stick to your 
principles thru out 
your life and that sense 
of humor will get you 
I everything you desire. 

Love, Mom, Dad, TJ, 
Holly & Lacey 


C ongr atulations ! 
You've grown into such a 
wonderful and special 
young man. We are so 
proud of you and know 
your future will be filled 
with happiness and suc- 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad & Kristen 


We couldn't have asked for a better 

son! You've got what it takes to make 

things happen. Believe in yourself, 

do your best and be happy! We're all 

very proud of you and wish you 
good luck! We will always be there 

for you! 
Lots of Love, Mom, Dad, Kristen and 


Cacey Savini 

Your smile enlightens our lives! 

"The purpose of life is to live it, 
to reach out eagerly and with- 
out fear for newer and richer 

Congratulations ! 
Live, Love, and experience! 
We are always by your side! 
Love Mom, Dad, And Ryan 






'.TV v* 


Good Luck 
Class 0/ 2003 

Pacific Packaging Products Inc. 

24 Industrial Way P.O. Box 697 
Wilmington, MA 01887-0897 

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I ^ 



el News^MWaage 













. " 


^^^^' ■ 1 * 

AP/Wicle World Photos 





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\ -SB 

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^H^L. ^^1 \ 

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Mm? id 

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cifl L^i 



"""W !T^ 

/ 5*! 

■a» ^ ' 



Ed AndriesWAP*Wide Worli 

U.S. Forces capture deposed Iraqi leader 
Saddam Hussein in a "spider hole" at a 
farm outside his hometown of Tikrit. 

-> In October, the Federal 
Trade Commission 

^ initiates the National 
Do Not Call Registry to 
minimize the number 
of telemarketing calls 
consumers receive. 

-> President Bush 
becomes the fiioL 
U.S. president to visit 
Iraq when he makes 
an unannoun 
Thanksgiving vi 
with troops 
stationed there. 

-> the abduction of 
University of North 
Dakota student 
Sjodin, 22, resi 
the arrest of convicted 
sex offender Alfonso 
Rodriguez Jr., 50. 

<- A fatal Staten Island 
Ferry crash in 
New York harbor 
leaves 10 dead and 
dozens injured after 
the pilot loses 
consciousness and 
slams into the dock. 

<r NBA star Kobe 
Bryant of the Los 
Angeles Lakers 
is charged with 
the sexual assault 
of a 19-year-old 
Colorado woman. 

<- A federal appellate 
court orders the 
removal of a Ten 
monument from 
the Alabama 
Supreme Court 
building, citing 
violation of the 
First Amendment. 

The economy shows signs of recovery when the 
Dow Jones Industrial Average tops 10,000 points 
for the first time in over 18 months on December 12. 

The worst wildfires in California history claim 22 lives, 
destroy more than 3,400 homes and consume 
750,000 acres of land. 


1 1 
4 I *tif 



-> Michael Jackson 
is arrested on multiple 
counts of child abuse 
after an accusation 
from a 12-year-old boy. 


• * 

->The Center for 
Disease Control 
and Prevention 
declares obesity an 
American epidemic, 
with 64 percent 
of the population 

"3* *l 

i ■ 


^■Action star Arnold 
replaces Gray Davis as 
governor of California 
a highly publicized 


On August 14, the largest North American blackout occurs 
when three Ohio line failures leave more than 50 million 
people in eight states and Canada without power. 

H ' J & 

E2 i 

* * P 

' LG 

■ ■ 

^^T^WT 1* 

5* f 

....»'! :<(■ 

M «f 

: m 


J 1*"* 

t If- "'». ^ 

U.S. Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch, a POW of the 
war in Iraq, becomes a media sensation after 
her rescue by U.S. Forces is aired on the news. 

■^ ^ 



f- Americans rush to receive 
vaccinations as the country 
is hit hard by a new strand 
of the influenza virus. 

Larry Downing/Reuters NewMedia Inc./Corbis 



1 s President Bush signs a 
controversial bill calling for a 
$400 billion Medicare overhaul. 

<- Scott Peterson stands trial on 
murder charges in the slaying 
of his pregnant wife, Laci, and 
their unborn son. 


mm I I 


\ *y 



orld Photos 

Goran Tomasevic/Reuters/Landov 



NO SAR8 11H 

*■ A European heat wave 
in August claims more 
than 19,000 lives, 
making it one of the 
world's deadliest 
hot-weather disasters. 

<r The World Health 
Organization reports 
that severe acute 
respiratory syndrome 
(SARS) infected more 
than 8,000 people in 
over 25 countries, 
killing 700. 

On May 1 , 43 days after the war in Iraq began, President 
Bush declares "major combat operations in Iraq have ended." 
As hundreds of thousands of U.S. and British forces remain SS 
to restore peace and deliver aid to Iraqi citizens, more 
soldiers are killed in the months after the war than during it. 

'•Nf**R »iBr3<- 


Ben Curtis/AP/WirJ 


-» Around the world, 
'Hash mobs" — large 
groups of people 
recruited by 
anonymous organizers 
via the Internet — 
gather, perform 
a wild act and 
quickly disperse. 


*f \ y. t> 



<r An Economic 
Community of 
West African States 
peacekeeping coalition 
ends 14 years of 
fighting between 
Liberian rebels and 
government forces, 
sending tyrant 
Charles Taylor 
into exile. 


-> In a dramatic six-day 
ordeal, rescue workers 
save 44 of 46 Russian 
miners trapped in a 
water-filled coal mine. 

-> Tens of thousands 
of Palestinians are 
cut off from family 
and livelihoods 
when Israel builds 
a concrete barrier 
beyond the cease-fire 
line in an effort to 
curtail Palestinian 
terrorist activities. 

>■■; F 


On December 26, a devastating earthquake measuring 
6.6 on the Richter scale strikes the Iranian city of Bam, 
killing more than 41,000 people. 




-> During the summer 
of 2003, low-risk 
prison inmates help 
battle Southern 
California's wildfires 
for only $1 an hour. 

— *C* 

-> At a St. Louis dog 
shelter, Cain, a 
one-year-old mutt, 
survives tranquilization 
and a trip to the gas 
chamber and is then 
adopted by the animal 
shelter owner. 

%jn { % 

<- Comedian Robin Williams 
travels to Baghdad to 
lighten the spirits of U.S. 
troops as he kicks off a 
holiday tour of U.S. bases 
in the Middle East. 

p mogul P. Diddy runs the New York City Marathon 
to raise over $2 million for the city's children's charities 
and public schor' 



The world's tallest structure — a 1,776-foot spire — 
anchors a memorial entitled "Reflecting Absence," which 
is chosen to fill the World Trade Center 


<- While aboard the International 
Space Station, Russian cosmonaut 
Yuri Malenchenko marries his 
American girlfriend by video link 
in the first "space wedding." 





I s Iranian lawyer Shirin Ebadi 
wins the 2003 Nobel Peace 
Prize for human rights activism 
as she fights to improve the 
status of refugees, women 
and children in Iran. 

<- Golfer Tom Watson donates 
his $1 million Charles Schwab 
Cup winnings to fund research 
for Lou Gehrig's disease, 
which has stricken his caddie, 
Bruce Edwards. 



z^r* ? 

<- British Airways and 
Air France ground the 
supersonic Concordes 
after 27 years of 
service. Despite their 
speed, the aircraft were 
uneconomical to operate. 

<r In response to e-mail spam, 
the Can-Spam Act requires 
e-mail marketers to clearly 
label messages as ads and 
include an Internet-based 
opt-out feature. 

-> Fast-food patrons can 
now get their food 
even quicker, thanks to 
McDonald's introduction 
of self-service 
ordering kiosks. 

Chitose Suzuki/AP/Wide World Photos 

-> FluMist, America's first 
intranasal influenza 
vaccine, provides 
needle-wary patients 
with an alternative for 
the 2003 flu season. 

<- In October. China 
becomes the third 
country to travel in 
space when the 
world's first successful 
taikonaut, Yang Liwei, 
returns to Earth after 
21 hours in orbit. 


<* :.^ 

-> The Food and Drug 
Administration bans dietary 

"'ements containing 
ep! i '?, due to health 
and warns 
consui 'otake 

products containing 
the stimulant. 



















-» In June, pet prairie 
dogs in Wisconsin, 
Illinois and Indiana 
infect people with 
monkeypox after 
being infected by a 
giant Gambian rat 
while in transit. 

> i . ... 



1 - ■ ■■■ 

"V. 1 "*'* 


" ,: ' : •', N ' SR 8 


•4««Mr' • «■!. 

# I HH ■■■■ ? H *fl 

Rich Miller/The Indianapolis Star/AP/Wide Wor 


-> Federal workers in 
Washington kill a herd 
of 449 calves that 
include the offspring 
of a Holstein infected 
with mad cow disease. 




Kevin P. Casey/EPA/Landov 

urricane Isabel knocks out power to more 
than 3.5 million people as it wreaks havoc 
on the nation's eastern seaboard. 

Barbara Strnadova/Photo Researches 

<- North American trees 
are threatened by Asian 
longhorned beetles, 
which allegedly arrived 
in Chinese wooden 
packing material. 

The strongest solar storms to hit the Earth 
in 11 years cause northern lights to appear 

<- In August, Mars' orbit brings 
it closer to Earth than it has 
been in 60,000 years. 



TffTiXnm rest 


John McConnico/APAA/ide World Photos 


1 s American scientists discover 
the deterioration of the 
atmosphere's ozone layer is 
slowing. The 1996 worldwide 
ban on CFC gases is credited 
for the improvement. 

<- Keiko, star of the Free Willy 
movies, dies of pneumonia 
at the age of 27. 

Af I 



<- Celebrities like FOX's 
"That 70s Show" 
star Ashton Kutcher 
make the "trucker 
hat" a fashion 

<r The country goes 
low-carb diet 
crazy, with dieters 
demanding food 
products and menu 
items with fewer 

<r Popularized by 
music stars like 
Busta Rhymes and 
J.Lo, track suits are 
seen everywhere. 

■ ' 




tltAn* 1 4Lky i jm ■ 

1 ■ ■ | 

1 SJ 1 



_^ — 1 

MavAnn Chastain AP Wide World Photos 


-i ^^^^ — i 

^^ •* 

-t The College Entrance Examination 
Board develops a revision of the 
SAT that tests for increased 
vocabulary and writing skills. 


1 s The pint-sized MINI Cooper, by 
Motorwerks. starts a European auto 
revolution on U.S. streets. 










1 mm 


«€ U 

i m 


>sv p 

Hon Edmonds/AWi 

<- To improve lunch and 
inding machine 
jtritional values, 
e U.S. Department 
: Agriculture issues 
tougher regulations 
for American schools. 

e to criticism. 
GM promises to release a more fuel-efficient version 
in the future. 

<- Avon, the world's largest 
direct seller of beauty 
products, introduces mark — 
a new cosmetic line intended 
for teens to sell. 

David Parket/Omni-Photo Communications 


t* In an effort to thwart 
counterfeiters, the U.S. 
Treasury releases a colorful 
new $20 bill, with a 
background blend of blue, 
peach and green. 

<r A new study reveals the Top 10 
most dangerous U.S. occupations. 
Lumberjack tops the list. 





r 4i 

Pixar's Finding Nemo swims to the top as the 
highest-grossing animated movie and top-selling 
DVD of all time in the United States. 

Keira Knightley and 
Parminder Nagra 
get a kick out of 
breaking stereotypes 
on and off the soccer 
field in the British 
comedy Bend It 
Like Beckham. 




_ _ if- ■* 



a - 1 

- rTT 


•-< PEAS 

^- Bill Murray gives a 
career performance 
in Lost in Translation, 
from director 
and Golden 
Globe -winning 
Sofia Coppola. 

<- Will Ferrell 
continues his 
comedic success 
in the heartwarming 
holiday hit Elf. 

<- Heartthrobs 
Johnny Depp and 
Orlando Bloom 
make Disney's 
Pirates of the 
The Curse of 
the Black Pearl 
a swashbuckling 




-> The two most 
anticipated sequels 
of the year, Matrix: 
Reloaded and 
Matrix: Revolutions 
turn out to be major 
for fans and 
critics alike. 

-> Tobey Maguire 
rides high in the 
successful summer 
flick Seabiscuit. 
nominated for an 
Academy Award 
for Best Picture. 

Universal/Everett Collection 

6 i 

Frodo and company complete their epic journey in 
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, 
winner of the Golden Globe for Best Picture. Drama. 

Everett Collection 


i t 

1m - 

-> The pulse-pounding 
CBS hit "The Amazing 
Race" wins the 
inaugural Emmy 
Award for Best 
Reality Program. 

-> America bids farewell 
to the cast of "Friends' 
after the NBC sitcom's 
10th and final season. 

<r "Alias" star Jennifer Garner 
earns high viewer ratings for 
ABC TV and lights up the big 
screen in 13 Going on 30. 


>rf : 






- I 

Zach Cordo 

Superstar Beyonce Knowles stars on the big 
screen, releases a hit album, Dangerously in 
Love, and wins four Billboard Music Awards 

*~ The legal battle between 
the music industry and 
music downloaded 
prompts lawsuits and 
online music purchasing 
outlets, while driving CD 
prices to their lowest 
point in a decade. 

*■ According to Nielsen 
SoundScan. 50 
Cent's debut, Get 
Rich or Die Tryin] 
is 2003's best-selling 
album, with 6.5 
million copies sold. 

<- Songwriter John Mayer 
wins a Grammy in 2003 
for the album Room for 
Squares and follows it 
up with Heavier Things. 

-> The Neptunes' Pharrell 
Williams and Chad Hugo 
receive three Grammy 
nominations as a 
production duo. 
Williams gets three more 
for collaborations with 
Snoop Dog and Jay-Z. 

-> OutKasfs genre-busting 
album Speakerboxxx/ 
The Love Below. 
featuring the infectious 
single "Hey Ya!.' r 
wins the Grammy 
for Album of the Year. 

Frank Micelotta/Getly Imager 


Claiming that he has "had it with the 
rap game,"' Jay-Z. 33. retires after the 
release of The Black Album. 


actress Gwyneth Paltrow. 

-> Country music legend 
Johnny Cash dies at 71 . 
bwtwins three CMA 
awaftjs posthumously, 
including Best Single for 
his remake of the Nine 
Inch Nails' "Hurt." 


Andy Cotterill'Camera 

■JMLUMJlfH ■ ~-~ 

fcr "^ 

_->. £ J 

^ m 








* "^l 










-> In December, 
Rolling Stones' 
legendary lead 
singer Mick Jagger, 
60, is knighted by 
Prince Charles. 


-> Role-playing games 
like "Star Wars: 
Knights ot the Old 
Republic" find 
mainstream success 
on consoles. 

? S. 


Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio, 
boasts the world's tallest, fastest roller coaster, 
the Top Thrill Dragster. 

<r After the success of his 
best-selling fantasy novel Eragon: 
Inheritance, author Christopher 
Paolini, 19, begins writing the 
much-anticipated sequel. 


mipion US( 
ugar Bowl champion LSU Tigers. 

-» Led by MVP pit 
Josh Beckett, th 
Florida Marlins I 
heavily favored I 
York Yankees 2- 
game six to win 
100th World Ser. 


R=u:£fS Newmedia inc^Corbis 

f) v || 

^ ^^■■Hdv *^^^^^»- ' 


<- Despite several 
crashes and severe 
dehydration, Lance 
Armstrong wins his 
fifth straight Tour 
de France by a mere 
62 seconds. 

*- Behind the defensive 
brilliance of goalie 
Martin Brodeur, the 
New Jersey Devils 
win the 2003 NHL 
Stanley Cup by 
icing the Anaheim 
Mighty Ducks 3-0 
in game seven. 

<- High school 
LeBron James, 19, 
is picked first in the 
2003 NBA Draft 
by the Cleveland 
Cavaliers and 
enjoys instant 
success as a pro. 

-> Tennis pro Andy 
Roddick, 21, also 
known as Mandy 
Moore's boyfrier 
wins his first grand 
slam title at the U.S. 
Open in September. 


Sergio Perez/EPA'Landov 

David Maxv/ell/EPA/Landov 

In June, Michelle Wie, 13, becomes the youngest winner 
of a U.S. Golf Association adult event when she wins 
the U.S. Women's Amateur Public Links. 

Tom Mihalek/EP/VUndov 



-> In September, Keny 
Paul Tergat sets the 
world record in the 
Berlin Marathon, 
running the 26.2-mile 
course in just 2 hours, 
4 minutes. 55 seconds. 


7^*/ ddidos 

\realr i&'\ 






I V 

<- St. John's University coach John 
Gagliardi, 77, leads his team to an 
undefeated NCAA Division III Football 
National Championship while also 
'ting the NCAA Football record for 


Death-defying tricks and thrills bring the extreme sports 
craze to new heights at the January 2004 EXPN Winter 
X Games VIII in Aspen, Colorado. 

Gibson/Folio, Inc./Omni-Photo Communications 




Reuters Newmedia Inc./Corbis 



1" Freddy Adu, 14, becomes the 
youngest American pro team 
athlete in over 100 years when 
he signs with D.C. United of 
Major League Soccer. 

<- League MVP Tim Duncan and 
David Robinson — in his final 
game — lead the San Antonio 
Spurs to the 2003 NBA title 
with a 4-2 series win over 
the New Jersey Nets. 

-> After winning 64 
career titles, including 
14 grand slam events, 
and a record six years 
ranked No. 1 , tennis 
great Pete Sampras 
retires at the U.S. 
Open in August. 

1* The Pentagon releases decks of 55 cards to U.S. 
soldiers that feature the most-wanted Iraqi leaders. 
Dictator Saddam Hussein is the Ace of Spades. 

After being abducted for nine months. Elizabeth Smart 
is rescued and returns home in March 2003. Her story 
is made into a TV movie that airs later in the fall. 

Tom Smart'DesereHie.' 

-> Teen star Hilary Duff 
tops off her successful 
movie debut, The 
Lizzie McGuire Movie, 
with a hit pop album, 
Metamorphosis, and 
a nationwide tour. 


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1 ' ' 

■ ■ ' ■ 

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^^M I 


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